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When I Collect Poppy Seeds

I've finished collecting the last of the poppy seed heads in my garden this weekend and I thought I'd make a post to show the visual clues of when I know it is time to collect poppy seeds for those that don't know when to collect them.Saving and collecting poppy seeds from the poppies you grow in your garden is easy.

how to save poppy seeds

The two visual clues that I've picked up growing these plants is to first look for the color change. The seed pods on these poppies go from green to a purplish-brown color when the seed heads have dried.

Euphorbia Obesa In Bloom

Euphorbia Obesa Flowers with Wasp
My Euphorbia Obesa plants are in bloom and I was surprised to see a wasp climbing over the flowers. As you can see the blooms on a Euphorbia Obesa aren't much to look at so I grow the plant for it's interesting shape.