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One Seed Chicago 2009

One Seed Chicago, bean seeds


Houseplant BINGO! Part 2

OMG, did you hear that Ashton Kutcher got one million followers on Twitter? Yeah, I don't care either.

I was watching him on Oprah when I realized I was really immersed in a game of Houseplant BINGO! It looks like a Dracaena of some kind in the background.


Gardening Gloves From Ethel Gloves

Gardening gloves, stylish gardening gloves, Ethel Gloves


Macy's Flower Show 2009

Macy's on State Street ushers in spring with the flower show Dream in Color. For someone like me, who professes to hate pink flowers in the garden it sounds more like a Nightmare in Color. So I was surprised at my reaction of Dream in Color, I actually liked it! The annual flower show at Macy's on State Street is a holdover from the Marshall Field's era in Chicago. Full disclosure; I once worked at Marshall Field's when I was going to school and I was one of the anti-Macy's crowd when they bought the beloved Field's. I swore up and down to anyone who would listen that I would never step foot inside of "Macy's." Today was the first day I have been inside the store since it stopped being Marshall Field's.

A week or so ago, Marisa Reeves (Media Relations Manager for Macy’s East, North Region), offered to set up a tour of the show for local garden bloggers with the Jon Jones (Visual Director for Macy's on State Street) & Todd Pope (Branch Manager for Green View's Oswego location). My Skinny Garden & Garden Girl found time in their schedules to attend. And that is how my boycott of Macy's & pink flowers ended.

Macy's on State Street Flower Show: Dream in Color