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Choosing Healthy Houseplants

I got a recent e-mail from a reader asking me what to look for when shopping for healthy houseplants. I've decided to post the response here in the hopes that what I do can be of use to someone else.

Houseplants can be bought in a variety of places now and I'm not above picking one up in a retail setting outside of a greenhouse. I've purchased houseplants from drug stores (oddly enough Cacti & Succulents), garden centers, greenhouses and even from a street peddler. Houseplants are the same the difference is in the care that they are receiving and the conditions they are being housed in.

Cheap Containers For Your First Garden

Now that the weather is getting nicer here in Chicago I'm taking on the task of preparing the garden for this growing season. The task I assigned myself for this week is cleaning my pots in which I will be planting my tender bulbs. While cleaning my pots I started thinking of the various stores where I bought containers last year and how much money I saved buying containers for my garden in places other than garden centers.