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Saving Nicotiana Seeds

I can’t say enough positive things about growing Nicotiana plants in the garden. They’re tough plants than can take some heat and drought, several species and hybrid cultivars have some beautiful flowers, and the sweet-scented blooms attract moths and other pollinators. Saving and collecting Nicotiana seeds is really easy.

White Nicotiana flower


Troy-Bilt Battery-Powered Garden Cultivator:Giveaway!

A couple of years ago I reviewed the batter-powered garden trimmer and the TB154E garden cultivator from Troy-Bilt. Both of these garden tools have been a source of great help to me in the garden. In 2012 Troy-Bilt introduced the TBC57 cordless cultivator. A Lithium Ion battery-powered garden cultivator that’s easy to use, easy to assemble, and eliminates the need for gas and extension cords.