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A rose by any other name...

I have seen this plant in the Home Depot Garden Section many times and have wanted to buy it but never was really serious about it. Yesterday I saw it in another store and this time looked closer at the name. The tag from Exotic Angel names it as Senecio String of Nickels, it's origin is suppose to be Namibia (where the heck is that?). I bought it since I already have a Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls and figured I could have a collection.

It turns out that this plant may be a Dischidia (a family of epiphites from S.E Asia) and not a Senecio, as it is labeled. Last night the plant stayed in my room, it smelled like a handful of candy which I can't really put my finger on. It was a very sweet and intoxicating smell. If you look closely in the picture there is a little white flower. I'm not sure if the candy like smell came from the flower or the plant but it was very strong and quiet welcoming. I think I love this plant, even if I am a little disappointed in it not being a Senecio. I'm guessing the plant I've seen on line commonly called String of Bananas is also not a Senecio. So much for collecting all three. LOL.