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*PSSST* Have you noticed?

A couple of weeks ago I noticed an unknown referrer in my site stats that feedburner provides so I followed the link and came across a site that looked remarkably like GVs but only it wasn't GVs. I tried going to the main page but only got a message to "move along" and I haven't seen anyone on GVs mentioning it yet.

I haven't said anything about it but I've finally have gotten too curious to keep it to myself. Have you noticed a website with a strange name referring people to you blog?

Tips For The Garden Blogger Pt4

For me one of the most enjoyable aspects of garden blogging is hearing what other people have to say about whatever I post about and commenting and sounding off on their boards. Whenever someone leaves a comment on my blog I try to respond right away to the comment and/or I'll reciprocate with a comment on their blog. I do it because the interactivity of blogging is what has the greatest appeal for me. I live a pretty insular gardening life, by that I mean I don't know another person in real life that does it to the point where they know anything other than common names. I had that realization not long ago when I called the extension office and tried to pronounce "Mina Lobata" over the phone. It dawned on me that I wasn't sure how to pronounce the name and that I had never actually said the word out-loud before.