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Party Of Five plus a booster seat.

Just the other day I had been thinking that I wanted to concentrate my buying to specific plants. I was thinking I would only buy AOs, EOs and Lithops. Then today I went into a garden center and came across these Euphorbias. There were so many nice looking Cacti & Succulents, I saw six EOs and I came home with five of them today. I couldn't decide on which ones to buy so I bought most of them. These five Euphorbias are about the diameter of a soda can and if you look closely on the left there is a little baby plant peeking out. So I guess I technically came home with six of them.

You can click on the picture if you care to get a larger view. I'm going to set these next to the two little EOs I already have to give them an idea of how they will look like when they grow up some.

Euphorbia Obesa flower

This is the second time since this winter that this little guy has bloomed for me since I got it late this past summer. I know these blooms to most are nothing all that special but I'm a big fan of these plants and I appreciate the bloom just as much as if it was on an Orchid. Technically this is my first C&S that has bloomed for me. I'm still waiting on that pot of Hens & Chicks to bloom. I think I may be waiting for a while more.