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The Gardener

I'm the original urban (literally and euphemistically) garden blogging male. I started the blog in 2005 when I was in my twenties and carved the DIY/frugal/how-to/recycling path that newer garden bloggers are now following. I tend a small garden on Chicago's West Side and a number of houseplants as best I can. I've been interested in gardening for a long time and this blog is where I chronicle most of my gardening adventures. I don't have formal training in either botany or horticulture. What I've learned about gardening I've picked up along the way through practice, observation, gardening books, TV shows and other gardeners.

I've been featured in print publications like Cafe magazine, and the Chicago Tribune, Red Eye Chicago, radio and online. I've written for publications like the Chicago Tribune, Tree Hugger, Mother Nature Network, and Chicagoland Gardening magazine.  

I speak and teach on gardening subjects ranging from urban agriculture to social media. I'm on the Board of Directors of the Forest Park Community Garden, and have crafted events for brands like the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, the Lurie Garden, the Chicago Park District, and Macy's Flower Show.

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The Pictures

Photographs I take may be available for licensing or personal use, but not before asking for permission first. Garden photographs of mine have appeared in publications like In These TimesNorthern Gardener magazine, Sunset and The Guardian. My first camera was a Kodak EasyShare LS443 and somehow I managed to take a decent portrait with it that was published in Digital Camera, Britain's biggest photography magazine. These days I don't have much time to do much B&W street photography because I'm always chasing bugs or flowers for my gardening blog, but one day I'll pick it back up. The photographs you see here were taken with a Canon EOS 6.3MP Digital Rebel Camera with 18-55mm Lens and the videos with a Sony CyberShot and a Kodak video camera.

The Blog

I believe in the free exchange of information and that there isn't anything mysterious about gardening. Anyone can learn to do it and it doesn't require expensive tools or plants. This blog is written for newbie gardeners and I encourage you to leave a comment, ask questions or share your knowledge in the comments of the blog. The MrBrownThumb blog is one of only two garden blogs on Blogger to be given a Blog of Note designation. The blog has been mentioned in print publications like the Chicago Tribune and a range of websites and blogs. Since 2007 over 500k visitors from every continent have visited this blog. I'm currently focusing a lot on saving heirloom seeds and teaching people to save their own seeds and trade them with others.

Social Media

You can find me on YouTube where I post gardening videos. My most viewed videos are Pollination of a Flower (39K+ views) and Natural Pest Control (23K+ views).  Facebook where you can keep up with my blog there and Twitter where I'm probably joking around trying to get people to laugh. There is also a MrBrownThumb page on Google+.

Garden Help

Need help in the garden? Is your project too small for a landscaper or designer to bother with? Just want someone to help you identify plants, pull some weeds, or advise you as to what kind of plants, containers or soil to buy? If so, contact me. I'm available for garden coaching and consultations.

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