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Good bulb info site.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some Anemone (bulb or corms?) and the package referred you to a website. So I went and checked it out and I have to say it was kind of informative, especially to someone like me who doesn't have much experience with bulbs.

There is a pic of a 'Queen of Night' Tulip on their site that makes my mouth water.

Check out if you would like to learn about Spring/Summer bulbs.

Yellow Tulip w/red variegation

The past couple of days in my garden has seen the rise of these other Tulips in my bulb bed. When they were unfurling they were completely yellow but after a day a red variegation appears on the edges of the pedals. I'm not sure if these have a name but they were given to me by the same gardener that gave me the flaming parrots I pictured below. If memory serves me right Diene also gave me some Daffs and Alliums. Unfortunately I didn't remember to photograph those or I would have added pics.

It's been interesting to see the ladies who garden on the block pass by and ask me what the bulbs are because they've never seen these varieties before. So a big "thanks" goes out to this generous gardener.


Bugs in my garden

When I was a kid one of the pass times that was engaged in by the kids in my 'hood was catching bugs and torturing them. I remember friends catching soda 2liter bottles full of grasshoppers and stuffing fire crackers inside and well you know...


Using the home made greenhouse I posted about below I've started a lot of seeds. Since blogger stinks and you can't copy and paste I took a screen shot of my note pad file. The names with an asterisk are seeds that have germinated for me already. I'll update this with the complete list once I am done sowing the more tender seeds. I don't know what I'm going to do with all the plants and where they're going to go. My gardening space has been reduced to your typical Chicago front yard- basically the size of a postage stamp. I still have about a hundred annual seeds that have to get started and I'm finding I don't have enough time to get them started.


Tulip from trade.

Last fall I received a few bulbs and some Day Lilies from another gardener. When I planted them I had no idea what they were. So far I think an Allium has come up and now I have these Tulips(?) blooming. The blooms are huge and on some that have opened the petals have unfurled into something that reminds me of a bat in flight. The variegation is interesting and I wonder if it was crossed to look like this on purpose. Anyway what ever it is it has been a pleasure to watch and check up on daily.


This Tulip has been IDed as a Flaming Parrot Tulip. Thanks for the help.