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Bugs in my garden

When I was a kid one of the pass times that was engaged in by the kids in my 'hood was catching bugs and torturing them. I remember friends catching soda 2liter bottles full of grasshoppers and stuffing fire crackers inside and well you know...

Growing up in Chicago I don't remember seeing many different types of insects. Although I do remember one summer where we found a Praying Mantis in an empty lot and thought we had found an alien life form. Being kids and thinking it was an alien you can imagine what the poor bugs fate was.

Now that I've grown up and have a better understanding of the relationship we should have with insects both beneficial and garden pests I find myself sitting or laying on the ground actively looking for signs of multi-legged life. As the warm weather progresses and the garden grows I'll see what comes around and what I can capture with the camera and add the pics here. I'll start by uploading the pics from last summer.


  1. Bug #3 is quite attractive.

    Can't say that I crawl around looking for bugs myself, though. Guess I haven't reached that level of appreciation for these life forms.

    Sorry to say that when I find caterpillars eating my plants, I get rid of them no matter how attractive they are.

  2. Anonymous1:42 AM

    LOL, I don't know what I would do if I had a big bug problem but right now there don't seem to be so many. Which is weird since we had a 'warm' winter here.

    The Pear tree next door has bloomed and there weren't many bees around. Usually there are so many bees hitting my window when the Pear tree is in bloom that it looks like an plague.

    Today I noticed that a lot of my Poppy seedlings are being chewed up by something and well I'm rethinking my love of bugs.

    I just realized I forgot to add one bettle pic from last year. I think it's the best one and I will have to add it soon.



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