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New additions to the family

I was at Walmart over the weekend and saw they had a new shipment of plants in. I really wanted some African Violets, but they looked kind of ratty. Instead I came home with some little succulents in the one inch pots for $1.00. I'm not a big fan of plants with spines but I couldn't pass up the one in the pic because it looks like it's about to bloom.

I went back to Walmart to return two succulents. The one in the upper right hand corner and the one in the lower left. While there I spotted a green bead below a shelf and new it was a string of pearls. I have been looking for one for the longest time and so I snatched it from below the table. I was so excited to finally find one in Walmart that I didn't even notice the varigated plant that came with it in the dish, I think I got a nice find for it being Walmart.