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Senecio Radicans: 'String Of Bananas'

A couple of weeks back I picked up two String of Bananas plants at Home Depot greenhouse here in Chicago. I already owned String of Pearls (Senecio Radicans) and have been wanting to add this plant to my cacti and succulent collection. Since I've owned my String of Pearls it has flowered twice for me and I didn't know until the flower had died.
  String of Bananas Senecio Radicans

Chicago Sun-Times adds A Garden Blog

Today I got an e-mail from Carolyn (a fellow Chicago garden blogger) that reminded me that I was going to mention the latest addition to garden blogging. The Chicago Sun-Times has added a gardening blog to their website but it looks like they're going to do things a little different than the Tribune's gardening blog. The garden blog from the Sun-Times looks like it's going to be a collaborative effort between several writers.