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Senecio Radicans: 'String Of Bananas'

A couple of weeks back I picked up two String of Bananas plants at Home Depot greenhouse here in Chicago. I already owned String of Pearls (Senecio Radicans) and have been wanting to add this plant to my cacti and succulent collection. Since I've owned my String of Pearls it has flowered twice for me and I didn't know until the flower had died.
  String of Bananas Senecio Radicans

Today I went into check on the new plants and saw that my String of Bananas was flowering. I quickly remembered that the flowers were suppose to be fragrant so I picked it up and sure it enough they smelled like cinnamon. I spent a good five minutes just inhaling the wonderful aroma from this flower and tried to snap a few pictures. Unfortunately we're back to winter here in Chicago and there's a lot of cold but very little natural sunlight and only managed to get one photo of this flower that I thought was usable for my gardening blog.

This is my first time participating in Green Thumb Sunday and I couldn't wait for it to actually be Sunday to share this wonderful succulent on my blog. I only wish gardening blogs were Scratch-n-Sniff so everyone could experience this flower.


  1. It is really great that you were able to see the string of bananas in bloom. Lovely picture and I am thinking the scent must have been exquisite. mmmm...

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I have never seen/heard of it. very pretty flower though. I wonder how they would do in Texas???

    Welcome to GTS... It can get addicting...

  3. Scratch 'n sniff blogs would be alright, as long as we weren't showing pictures of compost bins or something like that.

  4. The flower is absolutely beautiful and your photography, as usual, is amazing. It was my first week to do GTS, as well. I posted my blog at 11 p.m. last night, just to make sure I'd get it done! Happy Easter!

  5. If the technology for this comes out, Mr Brown Thumb, I'll swap you scratch'n'sniffs of Star Jasmine or Tea Olive for scratch'n'sniffs of the String of Bananas.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. @ Kate, it really is something nice I keep shoving it under the noses of family members. It's becoming annoying.

    @ guppyman, thanks for the welcome. I have an entry from February where I posted about not being able to catch the ( String of Pearls enty )blooming. In the background of the spent flower you can see the growth pattern of the plant. This one I don't have a photo of yet-I'll have to take some and update my entry on my C&S collection. But it has longer (like a banana) leaves in comparison to the round ones in that pic. It should do good in Texas because they like a lot of light.

    @ Carol, I hadn't thought of that :) but you're right. Maybe it could be switched on and off in browsers for stinky entries.

    @ Garden Momma,

    Glad to have your company in my first week of GTS. I had been planning on joining for a while but decided to wait until I was done playing with my garden blog template before adding blog rolls. Thanks for the compliment on the photos. Happy Easter to you too.

  7. @Annie, I don't know how I missed your comment but sorry I did. It's funny you should mention it because I was just thinking today about how long I've wanted a Jasmine.

    One of my neighbors that I help garden,who is a transplant here from Texas, was just telling me about the garden her mom kept as a kid and her description of sleeping with the window open and having Jasmine blooming outside and coming in was pretty awesome.

  8. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Ok I've got to get out to the Home Depot and other nurseries and see what other cool plants are out there. I've never heard of or seen String of Bananas before. Very interesting looking bloom! Thanks for showing us this.

    Thanks for going around visiting other Green Thumbers - we need to get more people doing this again!

  9. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Mr. Brown Thumb, welcome to Green Thumb Sunday! That photo is cool -- I've never even heard of that type of flower, so it was great to see it.

  10. @ Tricia no problems thanks for letting me join the meme.

    @ ldybug Thanks for the welcome.

    @ genie glad I waited for my first one to be something GTS was something new for some people.

  11. "String of Pearls" what a wonderful name the plant has in english language.And an excellent photo, indeed!
    I own Senecio herreianus,it never bloomed yet, so I wonder if it will one of these days and what I had to do to make it bloom??

  12. What a wonderful plant. The scent sounds lovely.

  13. What a cool looking flower that is! Very unusual. I love cinnamon, and would love to be able to have a wiff of that scent.

  14. Fascinating photo! I have really been enjoying your blog and just added a link to it from my blog.

    Keep up the great blogging!

  15. @ Sisah I hope your gets to bloom soon and that it is also scented. I wish I could tell you what to do to make it bloom but my String of Pearls blooms off and on and the only thing I really do is water very little.

    @Ruth thanks for stopping by.

    @salix and @marc tree thanks for stopping by. I think this may be your first visit here. I'll have to visit your blogs in case I missed it for GTS

  16. Welcome to GTS. That is a very interesting and lovely plant. I have never heard of it before but am going to have to read up on it.
    Take care.

  17. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Seems you all agree with me so please do like I did and nominate Mr. Brown Thumb for the Mouse and Trowel Award for best photography. Go to Inthegardenonline and vote today!

  18. It's beautiful and I can just imagine the scent it has.

  19. @ Carolyn

    I can't tell you how much that gesture means to me. Thanks.


    How's it going? You guys gotten any snow where you're at? I'm about to go to your blog and check on your updates.

  20. Oh, I am late! Welcome to GTS! That is one wild plant there, Mr. Brown Thumb! Cinnamon! Somehow I thought it would smell like...bananas!

    Love those crocus over in the middle, too, btw!

    I see you've changed the photo up in the header since I was last here (please don't say you did it a LONG time ago!!)...I must stop in more frequently to keep up!

  21. @ Gotta Garden

    Actually I changed it tonight. It's suppose to rotate between five different images when the page is refreshed. Did you ever look for a pic for yours? I'm still willing to help you with it if you're interested.

  22. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Oh this is too cool I was searching for some information of the String of Bananas my mom and I found at Lowes. I had to get me a start of her plant. Oh I cannot wait for it to get enough to bloom.We live in Arkansas thanks a bunch



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