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Urban Gardening: The Dangers

Earlier today I had planned to go out and buy a few packs of seeds from Walgreens and a couple of the spring bulb packs I mentioned in the posts below. For some reason I kept procrastinating and I didn't leave the house until much later than I had been planning. It's probably a good thing because when I reached Walgreens right outside their door a few moments earlier there had been some kind of altercation. The people who were at the scene weren't very clear about what had just happened. Some people reported that the car in the photo above was shot at while some other people said a Molotov cocktail had been thrown into the vehicle.

Amaryllis Without A Name

Here's my latest Amaryllis to bloom unfortunately I haven't been able to find a name for it yet. It's a smaller bloom than the others that I have. The scape was about 18 inches tall and the flowers were six inches wide. I tried to cross it with my Amaryllis Minerva but only one pod formed with the pollen that the Minerva donated. I got better results on my Minerva, the pollen from this plant formed two seed pods.
You can see how I crossed them by reading my entry on Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Pollination. I'll update soon with a current photo of the seed pods for these Amaryllis bulbs. They're much larger than they were the last time I posted about them.