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Heuchera Sanguinea 'Snow Angel'

Last year I planted Heuchera 'Snow Angel' because I thought I had gone overboard with the dark colored varieties. I thought a little leaf variegation never hurt a garden so I bought two of these at the Home Depot garden center when they went on sale. Only one survived the Chicago winter and I'm not sure if it's because of an incident with a dog or because I didn't plant it deep enough and it died because of frost heaving.

  Heuchera Sanguinea 'Snow Angel'

'Nearly Wild' Rose

I'm not a big fan of Roses and for that reason I don't really grow them in the garden. They seem like plants that are too fussy and prone to diseases but an exception is made for this Rose because they were gifted to me. This pretty common Rose can be found in landscapes all over the Chicago area and seeing them everywhere can get pretty boring.

  Nearly Wild Rose