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The Friendly Local Retailer Myth.

All "friendly local retailers", are local but not all "friendly local retailers" are friendly. I was just over on GVs catching up with various gardening blogs when I came across an entry by Trey, owner of The Golden Gecko Garden Center. On his blog ( he's criticizing Home Depot for their latest ad campaign that tries to brand HD as the "friendly local retailer." I'm not sure Trey has much to worry about because I don't think anyone will ever really buy into the idea, but what I don't agree with is how he puts local retailers on a pedestal.

Days Ago Counter-Uses For The Gardener

A week or so ago I tuned into Oprah because she was having a "Moms to Millionaires" episode where average women went from home makers - to- millionaires. I love watching those types of shows because you always think; "Gee, I could of thought of that" and then kick yourself for not having invented something so simple. Probably the best example was the mother that "invented" sticking trinkets into the holes of the sandals her daughters were wearing.