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The Prince and the Pauper

Home Depot has been carrying a lot of newer and much nicer Cacti & Succulents with the addition of The Cactus Collection. One of the things I picked up was an Echeveria "Black Prince." I had been lusting after this Echeveria for a while and I was pleased to have found it. Today I noticed there is another Echeveria, that look similar to "Black Prince," that is called "Black knight." I wanted to pick it up but they had been suffering from neglect already but the next time I see a fresh shipment in my local Home Depot I will make sure to pick one of those up too.

Click here for pic of new Echeveria in my collection


Christmas comes earlier every year

Both of my Schlumbergias are in bloom now. I bought them last year at Walmart for a dollar after Christmas and they were in really bad shape. They even survived getting sprayed with Febreze that I mistook for a water bottle and have forgiven me by putting on a flower show. One is all white and the other has a red variegation to it.