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Plant Propagation: Succulents by leaf cuttings

Over on the Cacti & Succulent forum I participate in the questions on how to propagate succulents comes up often. And like a lot of things that have to do with gardening it seems to be shrouded in mystery for the beginner and even for some people who have experience with growing houseplants.

I made it onto GardenVoices

I just spent the evening catching up on some movie watching and decided to surf the internet because I have no desire to fall asleep. Imagine my surprise when I see that I'm on GardenVoices...well sort of. A few posts below I blogged that video I found on YouTube of that man attempting to eat a Cacti and it was reblogged by Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas which was then reblogged by OldRoses onto GardenVoices.

and that's why the internet and blogs are such a great thing. One person sees something of interest and then other people notice it and pass it around until everyone has seen it. Now if I could only find a video of a Barak Obama trying to snort a Christmas Cactus during his college years and maybe I could be internet famous. Thanks for the link to my post in your entry Stuart.