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Insect Photos -

Insect Photos -

Here is a pretty cool site about insect photography by (Alex Wild) that I came across while Googling around for info on Ant Plants. The webmaster has made a couple of nice bug images available to visitors as wallpapers. Check them out. I am using the one with the beetle and the water droplet.

Carnivorous Plant Photographs

Carnivorous Plant Photographs

Here's a neat site with very nice photographs of Carnivorous Plants and some very useful info. It reminds me that I that I killed two CPs this year. Both times because I was lazy...I bought a Mexican Butterwort from Lowes which I forgot to acclimate to the air. The second was a pitcher plant that I forgot to bring in or protect when our first frost hit.

Next year I'll try better.

Maybe. - The king of all the meats. - The king of all the meats.

I came across this blog when searching lithops andI'm sure that it's so cool that I just don't get it but among the entries I noticed that he (Michael Malice) had a list of plants which I assume he owns.

On the main page they are listed on the right hand side under "Lucifer's Garden."

I'm jealous that he has an Dioscorea elephantipes.