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My Cacti & Succulent Collection

These are pics of the Cacti & Succulents that I own. I'll add more photographs as I take them.

Febreze Accident

A few days back I mistook my spray bottle and a bottle of Febreze. I picked up the bottle of Febreze that I use to spray and water my Cacti & Succulents. I had several cuttings I was given that I was rooting. Since they hadn't been watered in a few days I was misting very heavily at the soil line to moisten the soil. I took a couple of moments for it to dawn on me that I was I was using the bottle of Febreze.

I unpotted the cuttings and washed off the leaves of some of the larger plants that had been sprayed. Some of the cuttings didn't make it and some plants that were established/getting established suffered damage to the leaves. I'll add a couple of pictures here that show the damage to the cuttings/plants that survived the great Febreze Accident.