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Gardening Jihad

How can you not laugh out loud seeing the latest cover for the 2007 catalog fromPlant Delights Nursery? It's pretty cool that Tony Avent goesout and provides these awesome catalogs that help many a gardener get the some boring spots in our adventures in gardening.

The cover was done by Jack Pittman and beautifully illustrates the "Hot Topics" of the past year. To see the cover in all it's glory check out the website and click on the image for a larger view if you can't get your hands on a copy.

There is also an archive on the website of past issues that are sure to give you a chuckle or two like this one featuring "Hairy Potter." LOL.

Choosing House Plants: To match your decor

Decorating with House Plants can give a better impression about you than decorating with traditional things like pictures, vases and other ornamentations. House Plants make perfect accents and can make your spaces look inviting and speak volumes about your personality. If you pay attention to the growth and flowering habit of plants and choose according to your decor you'll find that your plants blend in seamlessly and minimize the cluttered look of so many house plant collections.

Rustic or Southwestern Furniture
If your home furnishings consist of natural, unvarnished woods and lots of knotted pine and dark metal. Take these plants into consideration to compliment your decor without the kitsch factor of a Pinata.

Choosing House Plants: By Light Availability

It's tempting to run into a greenhouse and pick up the flowering plants that are set up front as impulse buys-I know I have been there. But when choosing a plant-in particular one that you will grow indoors-you'll find you have better success with houseplants if you buy according to the amount of light you can give your plant. Choosing your plants based on the amount of light you can give will increase the odds that your plant will survive the transition to your home. Here are some light and plant suggestions based on my experience.