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Yellow Tulip w/red variegation

The past couple of days in my garden has seen the rise of these other Tulips in my bulb bed. When they were unfurling they were completely yellow but after a day a red variegation appears on the edges of the pedals. I'm not sure if these have a name but they were given to me by the same gardener that gave me the flaming parrots I pictured below. If memory serves me right Diene also gave me some Daffs and Alliums. Unfortunately I didn't remember to photograph those or I would have added pics.

It's been interesting to see the ladies who garden on the block pass by and ask me what the bulbs are because they've never seen these varieties before. So a big "thanks" goes out to this generous gardener.


  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I looked around, but I couldn't find a name for this one. Probably will have to consult a tulip enthusiast, botanical garden (Chicago BG is good) or a .

  2. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Thanks for looking around. Unfortunately my camera died on me right before these flowers developed completely. About a day or two later the red variegation spread about a 1/3 down the flower and looked like it was blushing.

    It was nice looking too bad I couldn't get a pic of it.



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