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Gardening Gloves From Ethel Gloves

Gardening gloves, stylish gardening gloves, Ethel Gloves

In late February when Ethel Gloves became a sponsor of Chicago Spring Fling I started an email conversation with Angela at Ethel Gloves about garden blogging. We discussed many issues that gardeners face when they start blogging including the pitfalls & triumphs. Recently, Angela offered to give me a pair of work gloves for men as a thank you gift for bouncing around ideas with her. I know me and know that something like a pair of work gloves would probably end up either getting lost or not used at all. I asked if I could instead get a pair of Ethel Gloves to give to a blogging friend. After I explain why I wanted to do this she agreed and offered me three more Ethel Gloves to give away.

If you're a regular reader of this garden blog you may remember me taking a long break last spring. You may even remember the post I made where I explained my absence after a few readers started asking what was keeping me from updating this gardening blog. My family's worst fear came to pass last October when my mother succumbed to her illness and passed away at the age of 56.

Through a large portion of my mother's illness and her subsequent passing- Ohio Mom, Cooking in Cleveland, was there for me. She offered me support and a shoulder to lean on when I needed it most. Sometimes I found it easier to talk to her than I did my own siblings or friends in real life. I'm not sure how we went from just knowing each other on a gardening message board to exchanging emails but however it happened I'm grateful it did. As you can probably tell from her screen name, she has kids of her own but somehow she still managed to find time in her life to be like a mother to someone-- a total stranger--who needed one. Ohio Mom you'll get a pair of these gardening gloves courtesy of Ethel Gloves. I hope you put them to use in your rooftop garden this summer.

Carolyn, Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, I'd like to give you a pair of these gloves but you're already attending Chicago Spring Fling- you'll get a pair then as part of the Ethel Gloves sponsorship. I wanted to thank you openly for hunting me down on the Internet while I was gone and checking up on me. If it wasn't for you (and a few others) expressing interest in my whereabouts I don't think I would have returned to this blog.

Walk2Write, of Walk 2 Write in Florida, I don't know you very well but back at the beginning of February you left the following comment:

"I hope your efforts to promote garden blogging are richly rewarded. Good luck with Spring Fling too!"

I wouldn't be my mother's son if I didn't believe in blessings. At the time when I read your comment I thought it was just a very nice thing of you to say. But for some reason I kept going back to the post where you left that comment. You may not even remember leaving it, but I read it over and over for a couple of days. By the 19th of the month I had a meeting scheduled with a newspaper publisher about the possibility of garden blogging on a website they are building. "Why me?" was my first reaction to the email inviting me to meet with them. After scheduling the meeting I found myself reading your comment again and then it all made sense. The second pair of Ethel Gloves goes to you.

Xris, Flatbush Gardener, I'd share a pair with you too but you're coming to Chicago Spring Fling and should be getting something then. While I was gone from garden blogging I got a kick out of checking my email and seeing your comments calling out the spammers in my comment section. Thanks for keeping an eye on my blog.

Rosengeranium, Indoor Gardener, I saw the blog post you made about me while I was gone and I really appreciate it. I'd give you a pair except you're all the way in Sweden. If you're ever in Chicago I'd like to buy you a cup of coffee or something to say thanks since I can't ship a pair of Ethel Gloves to you.

There are more of you out there that I'd like to thank for now I have to stop here. I've given away two pairs of Ethel Gloves in this post leaving two available. They are available to two garden bloggers with a catch. There's always a catch! Don't ask for a pair of these gloves for yourself-- nominate a fellow garden blogger to receive one.

You should be a garden blogger nominating a fellow garden blogger. You can be somehow related to the garden blogger you nominate-BUT you both must be garden bloggers. The garden blogger you nominate has to be one not attending Chicago Spring Fling. The garden blogger you nominate for this pair of gloves must live in the United States or Canada. Write a post (you don't have to link to me) or send me an email if it is too personal, explaining why the garden blogger you are nominating deserves a pair of these gloves.

What I'm looking for are stories of friendship between garden bloggers. We'll be making many new friends this spring during Chicago Spring Fling. This contest is my attempt to share some of Chicago Spring Fling with those who can't make it. This contest closes on April 16th. April 30th.

Ethel Gloves has also provided a coupon code good for 10% off your purchase. Enter "BROWNTHUMB10" into the "Discount Code" field on any of the screens at checkout. The code is good through June 6 and timed to continue until the end of Chicago Spring Fling. Visit Ethel Gloves & see the their blog- Ethel in the Garden & leave a comment if you got one of these blog for free. If you're a fan of the White House veggie garden-Ethel Gloves sent a gift package to the First Lady, her mom & the two First Daughters. You can follow @EthelGloves on Twitter.

If you're a garden blogger you're invited to attend Chicago Spring Fling. Hurry-registration closes this Sunday!

Since that comment by Walk2Write I've had several opportunities presented to me. On Monday I signed a contract to be a garden blogger for the newspaper publisher referenced above. As I went through my cell phone calling family members to tell them the news- I came to my mother's phone number. Immediately the tears began to flow and I wanted nothing more than to be able to share with her what has been happening lately. As I looked at her listing in my cell phone "Why me?" didn't cross my mind. I knew why. I've had someone blessing me my whole life.

Update 4/17/09

I've extended the deadline for nominating a garden blogger for the gloves because I got busy working on SF and haven't had time to keep up with the emails. This should give people some extra time in case they didn't see this post. The deadline is now 4/30/09. Thanks


  1. What a heartfelt, heartwarming, and wonderful post MBT, and what a great way to recognize garden blogging friends.

    May the blessings continue, and may the memories of your mom bring you comfort. I'm sure she's still watching over you, and just as sure she's very proud of the son she raised.

  2. MBT ... although I never had the pleasure of knowing your mother, I do know that she was a remarkable woman. Afterall, apples never fall far from the tree.

    You have a generous and loving heart, I will think of your every time I plant a seed wearing my new gloves.


  3. MBT, I didn't read your blog back then, and i didn't realize your mom died. I'm sorry to hear that. She sounds like a wonderful woman! My dad died at 59, at a point in our lives where I thought I would finally get to know him better. Also, I wrote a garden blog for a newspaper for a while, if you ever want to compare notes.

  4. I need to offer you some thanks, MBT. If not for your encouragement, Hubby (SAM) probably would not have considered joining the blog. You would think that after 29 years of marriage we would cease to amaze each other, but he's showing me a whole new facet of his personality in his writing. I love him even more (if that's possible), and it's all thanks to you. I'm grateful that some little thing I wrote touched you and helped you through a rough spot. I didn't start blogging until last March so I wasn't aware of your loss. I'm so sorry. Thanks for the gloves. I wish you all the best at Spring Fling and in your new endeavor.

  5. TQ for this heartfelt post. May you be blessed with joy and happiness always! Happy Easter! Btw, I am not a glove person also :-)

  6. Congrats on the new gig! Your mom would be so proud.

    And thanks for the reminder that blogging friendships can be just as valuable as in-person friendships. I'm going to send an email right now to a fellow blogger who hasn't posted in a while.

  7. I'm a new follower to your blog, and what a lovely introduction you've given me! I won't pretend to be a gardener, but that is due to lack of time, not lack of desire. When I was little and I worked with my mom in our vegetable and landscape gardens, I was constantly "rescuing" the weaker plants and transplanting them to my secret garden in the woods on the upturned roots of a giant oak tree.

    Nothing is left there now, except a sapling that I rescued which held on and is now a pretty little maple.

    All this to say, I will enjoy reading about your garden, and will pretend to have my hands in the warm dirt with you this spring.

    "Gardeners recognize one another, because they know that in the history of each plant lies the growth of the whole world." -Paulo Coehlo, "Brida"

    Be well,

  8. What a great blog. I'm not much of a gardener myself but I give garden tours at the Getty Center and can appreciate the hard work that goes into beautiful living things. I loved the Macy's post how fantastic was that!

  9. Congratulations on your new assignment! Hope it's a fun gig that leads to even bigger things.

  10. I just stumbled upon your page here at Blogger - LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see what the rest of the season will hold for you and the garden.
    Stop by my garden in the Midwest sometime! Happy Spring

  11. Wow, your such a kind person yourself! How thoughtful of you to share various items with your readers and friends. I think that there needs to be more kindness in the world and your one more person doing nice deeds! Yeah!

    Like the above comment, I too stumbled upon your blog through blogger ("Blogs of Note")and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your past blogs and wonderful information shared. You truly are a great spokesman for gardeners and bloggers alike. Keep up the wonderful work/writing, I look forward to following your blog in the future!

    I don't know much about the Chicago Spring Fling (I plan on checking out the link though), but I hope you have a wonderful time!! I wonder if my Grandpa has ever attended...he lives in Crystal Lake and has been an avid gardener for most of his life. I am sure he would enjoy your blog as much, if not more, than I do (if only he knew how to use the I am not located close enough to help him out with the computer, but wish I was.

    Thank you for doing what your doing, and I will continue to follow your blog!


  12. MBT, I read about your gift to Ohiomom on her blog and, following her lead to your blog, about the untimely loss of your mother. I just want to say that I am very sorry to hear about that, and hope that your garden will provide at least some solace.

  13. What a sweet gesture! Your mom would certainly be proud of your efforts to share gardening information with so many people, I'm glad you decided to keep up the great work! Congratulations on your new "job", I'm sure it won't feel like work at all!



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