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Euphorbia Obesa In Bloom

Euphorbia Obesa Flowers with Wasp
My Euphorbia Obesa plants are in bloom and I was surprised to see a wasp climbing over the flowers. As you can see the blooms on a Euphorbia Obesa aren't much to look at so I grow the plant for it's interesting shape.

Last year I found Euphorbia seedlings in some pots and was surprised to find the seedlings so far away from the plants. I'm guessed the seed pods exploded to help with seed dispersion. I was under the impression that these succulent plants were mostly air pollinated because I didn't think the minuscule flowers would be visited by pollinators here in Chicago.

But this year I've been noticing minor pollinators like this wasp on the flowers. Out of all the bugs I've spied in the garden I think wasps give me the most concern when I go to take a photograph of them. They seem to stop what they are doing and look directly at me when I get near them almost like they're warning me to not get too close.


  1. Great shot of the wasp. I've been following a butterfly this morning ... just can't get it with its wings open though.
    I've got a mystery weed (with bee) posted for Green Thumb Sunday. Perhaps you can identify it.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Fantastic shot of the wasp and flowers. It's so sharp. What kind of camera are you using?

    I'm allergic to bees so I'm careful in the garden but being a gardener you can't have flowers with out these insects around so we manage to co exist. Wasps do seem to stop what they are doing when you try to photograph them don't they. Kind of an eerie feeling when you are trying not to get stung!

  3. That is a very interesting flower. We have never seen that kind of plant before. Great post.

  4. That wasp does look intimidating! I wouldn't want to go up against it. I've never seen the Euphorbia obesum in bloom before. Thanks for the photo.

  5. Not a Euphorbia I've seen before. Great photo...I know what you mean about taking photos of wasps...they always give me "the look" too. Happy GTS

  6. Anonymous7:06 PM

    If I even wander too close to a wasp it stops what it's doing and follows me. I love your photos, you must have an increibly steady hand.

  7. OOOOh! I LOVE euphorbias--getting a nice collection of them here but this is new to me. If it grows in oughta grow here in NS. I think. Awesome photo.

  8. Anonymous1:15 AM

    What an unusual plant. I like the look of the texture of the plant. The shot of the wasp is fantastic. A very interesting and informative post.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  9. Cracking picture Mr Brown Thumb, I know what you mean about wasps though, they give me the shiversas you dont know what they are going to do.

    Cheers Mark

  10. He really does look like he's warning you off, mrbrownthumb! What a great shot of him, though.

    Is that euphorbia hardy in your area, or do you have to bring it back inside for the winter?

  11. Hi all thanks for stopping by and commenting on the habit of wasps. I was beginning to think I was a little nuts by thinking they actually stopped and observed us observing them.

    The camera I'm using is a Sony Cyber-shot. I actually don't have steady hands and use the "burst" option on it and take several photos at once. That way I'm bound to get at least one shot that is pretty clear. The other trick is to get the background out of focus, that makes your subject look sharper. This camera has an option to take photos with a blurred background. So the multiple shots with the blurred background combined help get pics that look sharper.

    Unfortunately this Euphorbia isn't hardy and lives in a window in the winter.

    I think if you search my blog for mealy bugs there is a previous post that shows what these plants look like, basically they're shaped like baseballs. They're pretty cool.

  12. What a great shot! I love wildlife in my garden and I love most of the bugs the flowers attract. I do not like wasps! Let me repeat, I do not like wasps! It gives me the heeby-geebies to look at that little critter. Have a great week!

  13. love to see your pics, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. Great pic of the wasp and good comment on how you get better pics. I think I'll try the rapid burst of photos with the background-blurred function, too.



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