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Graphocephala coccinea: Candystriped Leafhopper

leafhopper aster yellows spreader
I found this striking bug in the garden a while back and was mesmerized by the colors but I couldn't get a good picture because it kept hopping away whenever I got close enough. I'd been waiting to see if I could get a better photo of it before uploading but I haven't seen them in the garden since I took this picture.

Their absences in the garden is really a good thing because Graphocepala coccinea is a garden pest. The cadystriped leafhopper may look cool and provide for some nice photos (if I could get it in focus) but in the garden it is the main carrier and spreader of Aster Yellows.

Should they make another appearance in the garden I won't waster time trying to get a photo, instead I will kill it on sight and you should too.

A special thanks to Jodi of Blooming Writer for the info provided via e-mail.


  1. Hi Mr Brown Thumb, what a n amazing coloured leaf hopper, we tend just to have plain old green ones. Just been looking through your recent pictures and i have to say that the climbing lily is quite stunning.

    Cheers Mark

  2. I haven't seen such a pretty leafhopper before ... I will now know to kill on sight, no questions asked if one happens to hop into my garden!!

  3. Hey Mr. Brown

    That leaf hopper looks in focus to me. The colors are brilliant.

    But I'll smash it on the spot if I see one, like you said.

  4. Anonymous1:01 PM

    What a gorgeous bug! Sometimes the most beautiful are also the most destructive. If you get up close and personal with a japanese beetle, their iridescent wing covers are amazing. But do you want them in your garden??? No way. Thanks for the alert, I'll keep my eyes open for this one.

  5. Your fellow Chicagoan has also seen these around the garden. I had a feeling they were bad...

  6. That is such a pretty insect! And your photo isn't THAT blurry! I'd love to see one of these in person and get the chance to photograph it. Then I'd kill it.

  7. Thanks for the info-I see these a lot, but had no idea they were destructive!

  8. First time I am hearing about leafhopper, Mr. Brown Thumb. Beautiful colours!



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