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Amaryllis-Red Lion

Late this summer I bought my first Amaryllis kit, the box said it was the variety known as "Red Lion". I had always admired them, but I thought they were too high maintenance. Boy was I wrong about these wonderful bulbs. All I did was plant it in the pot it came with and watered it when I figured it needed it.

The leaves were the first to emerge and were followed by the flower spike. I waited an entire week for the bloom to unfold and show me just why Red Lion is such a popular variety. I'm afraid that I may be addicted to these...I already have another "Apple Blossom" that has sent up a spike and hopefully will be flowering soon.

I've read around in various forum that they go clearance after the Holidays in the big box stores. I hope that my local Home Depot has plenty of them left after Christmas because I want a white one next. The only thing I would do different is pot them in a terracotta pot instead of the cheap plastic one they come with.


  1. Lucky you! I bought one in November - a huge healthy bulb that is only just now showing a wee sign of a scape. Good thing I had another type of amaryllis to cheer through the holiday, as this Red Lion seems a bit bashful and may show up only for Easter!!


    Anya (GW: anna_in_quebec)

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Marge and I received an Amaryllis Red Lion for Christmas from a mutual friend and Marge's is 11 inches tall where mine is just showing a small green stem. I am following directions as stated and still no results.

  3. Anonymous,

    It is "normal" some of them are slower than others. Some will take some time and coaxing to get the scape and others will bloom in the box at the store. Give yours more warmth, light and water as needed see if that pushes it.

    Also I have a blog devoted exclusively to Amaryllis Bulbs. Visit ===> Growing Amaryllis bulbs



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