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So picking up this plant was my Christmas Present to myself. I had seen one before that was mostly white and stalled and when I did someone else bought it out from under me. When I saw this little guy in the greenhouse of Home Depot I couldn't pass it up again.
Especially since I'm a sucker for plants already blooming and plants that come with offsets. You can't see the offset in these pics because it's on the opposite side but it's there. I've been looking around the net trying to get an id but the closest I got was to a pick of a similar looking plant on the Lapshin site labeled "GasterAloe Spirit of 88."

I figured it had to be some kind of cross because it looks like it was propagated from a leaf cutting and if I'm not mistaken Aloes can't be propagated that way.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    This one is probably xGasteraloe
    'Green Ice', fairly common in the trade. It grows slowly, but can get large with time. The Aloe parent is A. variegata, and the Gasteria parent is listed as either 'Old Man Silver', or 'Little Warty' (itself a hybrid of OMS with G. batesiana). A nice plant!

  2. Hey Ray,

    Thanks for stopping by and providing the info. It is much appreciated.



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