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Chicago Tribune Joins Garden Blogging

The Chicago Tribune has launched a gardening blog on their website authored by Beth Botts. I've known it was coming for a little while because she e-mailed me and fellow garden blogger Carolyn Choi (who guest blogged an entry on this blog) and asked us a few questions about garden blogging. In the Home & Garden section of today's Chicago Tribune Beth wrote a sidebar on Carolyn and listed other garden bloggers. One of those listed at the end of the sidebar was me. I'd like to congratulate Carolyn on the mention and welcome Beth to the garden-blogosphere and thank her for printing my blog's url.

MrBrownThumb, Chicago Tribune, Home & Garden

It's great to have another garden blog being authored from Chicago. Considering how many public and private gardens are maintained in Chicago it's a little puzzling why there are so few of us to be found on the internet. When I started my blog back in the summer of '05 I began a to search for other blogs related solely to gardening in Chicago and didn't find many. But I'm hoping that now that the Tribune has started one it will inspired more gardeners to blog about their gardens or bring out those already garden blogging out of the woodwork. I'm particularly curious to find the first blogger in Chicago who maintained a blog about gardening, so if you know who that is I'd love a link so I can read what the first one was blogging about.


  1. You're becoming a local celebrity!

  2. Hey DS,

    The best part of getting a small mention in the paper is that it wasn't for committing a felony.


  3. Congrats, mrbrownthumb! You're moving on! Really like your header! (I hope I got the term right!) Very nice!

  4. Hey Gotta Garden,

    Yes you got the term right. Thanks for the comment.


  5. Hi, just found your blog via A Study in Contrasts. The earliest Chicago garden bloggers that I know of are Johnny and Jennifer. They had a blog called 13Labs (never figured out the name) but are no longer blogging at that address. Link to wayback machine:*/

    I, too, really like your header.

  6. Hi Kathy,

    Glad you found my little blog and that you have some info. I think I've managed to track that blog down on flickr and I've sent a message and I'll make a post about it soon. Thanks for the help.



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