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My Adenium Obesum/Propagation

In a previous garden blog entry on how I care for the Adenium Obesum plants in my collection I wanted to include a current photo of the plants in my cacti & succulent collection. I just took a photo of mine to show what they're looking like now as they break dormancy and I start to give them water.

Adenium Obesum Propagation

If you're interested in propagating your Adenium Obesum plants you can easily start them from seeds and from cuttings. Here's my previous garden blog entry on starting Adenium Obesum seeds. Propagation of Adenium Obesum is also very simple by taking cuttings and allowing them the wound to callous over for a couple of days and then inserting the cuttings into a rooting medium and keeping it out of full sun while it roots. Because the plant when cut exudes a milky sap that could be harmful you should wear gardening gloves to protect your hands and even protective goggles, better safe than sorry.

As I was uploading this photo I remembered an anecdote told on a cacti & succulent forum by a Adenium Obesum grower. In the fall when his plants are brought into the greenhouse after they've gone into dormancy he sets them on the ground under his shelves. Soon the rodents start to come into the greenhouse looking for food and warmth and they start to eat the stems of his plants. After a few days he goes around his greenhouse and picks up the dead bodies of the rodents that were dumb enough to eat his plants. I guess that's one way to take care of a rodent problem and plant trimming at the same time.


  1. Anonymous7:36 PM


    Your blogging on the adenium obesum really helped me out. I have just purchased one (along with another bonsai--I'm just starting out) and so I am in the process of learning everything. With my Bonsai 101 book in my left hand in my computer mouse in my right, I have been scouring the net (and the book) for tips. Your pages were of great help and I feel the need to give back. So, here are two great links on the care and propagation of this plant :)

    Firstly, since you say that you didn't find many web pages that give good information on seedling propagation, I did some specific research for you. The best page, by far, is:
    Note that it is an angelfire... so if you do find that the information is helpful and worth keeping, consider making a copy of it for safe keeping, as angelfire pages sometimes die.

    Secondly, I stumbled upon a great page that gives lots of personalized care tips. Lots of pictures, too:

    So, thank you very much for your blogging, and good luck :)


  2. Hey Brent,

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me this info. Good luck with your plant.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hi i recently purchased this plant. Looks nice. One query,, how can one get its seeds?? will theplant flower produce seeds? pls reply

  4. Some good informastion here:

    It looks like it needs a steady hand and nerves of steel. Meanwhile why not get some good quality seeds and start a collection? I got a good deal from a supplier in Taiwan on Ebay (I bid for 100 seeds in 10 named varieties and the packets contained closer to 150 all told) for about $15 including postage and phytosanitary certificate. Took about 2 weeks to arrive.

    fingers crossed - my windowsill is chock a block at the moment with 46 seedlings!



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