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Let's Grow Some Green Thumbs

Have you ever found something useful on my gardening blog? Maybe the answer on how to do something or information on a plant or seed or just really liked one of my photographs. Perhaps after that particular visit you wished you could buy me a cup of coffee...well... I don't drink coffee but I do believe in charity.

Even if you answered and emphatic "NO" to the question above continue reading. :) has recently come to my attention and I've really become enamored with the concept. Teachers sign up and ask for funding for various school projects that the school can't afford to pay for. Average people like you or I are given the opportunity to become philanthropists and make tax-deductible donations to their projects. Growing up I remember how my teachers would sometimes have to buy school supplies or various items out of their own pockets and it doesn't seem like times have changed much.

On you can choose to fully or partially fund a project in a wide range of interests. I've created what is called a "challenge" and have chosen to highlight a few that are gardening related. The projects I've chosen span from a community garden that is being brought back to life to a bug zoo for a classroom. You can see the whole list on the challenge page at this link and make your donations there. I feel like this is a really good opportunity for us gardeners to get involved and hopefully create future gardeners and nature lovers.

Just to be clear I personally don't get any compensation for promoting these projects and if you're interested you can donate to any project in any category. Another way you could get involved is to sign up and create your own challenge and place it on your blog or pass it around your circle of friends and family via e-mail and highlight projects that need funding.


  1. Hope you don't mind :) I have linked to your project on my page.

  2. Mr. Brown Thumb, I love the tought of this.
    Since I am already donating time and money to our school's outdoor classroom and gardening club, I'll have to pass but to those of us who do not have that kind of tie to a cause, this challenge is wonderful.

    Hope you see lots of results!

  3. Ohiomom

    I don't mind at all.


    Thanks for the encouragement and congrats on getting involved in your area with similar programs.



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