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8 Things You Don't Know About This Gardener

I've been tagged twice to participate in one of these memes. The first time was Gina at My Skinny Garden and today I learned that Barbara at Garden Grow has tagged me to reveal 7 things about me. They're both basically the same meme so I'll get them both out of the way in one post. The rules are that I'm suppose to reveal things about myself and link to the people who tagged me and then tag 8 people myself who are suppose to reveal things about themselves.

1. I'm bad at remember days and events. One Mother's Day I got a call from my sister asking me what time I was going over to my mom's house for Mother's Day dinner. Seeing as how I didn't know it was Mother's Day I didn't have time to go out and buy a real present so I took a potted ivy I had in my apartment and two wire hangers and made an impromptu topiary. I bent and twisted both of the wire hangers to form the word "MOM" and wrapped the longest ivy stems up and around the home made topiary frame. I even lucked out and found a homeless guy selling greeting cards on the bus ride to my mom's house so my gift ended up costing me 4 dollars including the cost of riding the bus.

2. I think dollars stores are the greatest invention since the internal combustible engine. Where else can you buy that kind of junk in one place for a dollar? I buy pots, garden tools, garden art and anything else that looks interesting at the dollar store. My favorite part of the dollar store has to be the toy section because you can always find toys (usually educational ones) that have some serious mathematical or grammatical error. Like a toy that's suppose to teach kids math but an example says 2+2=3 or my favorite of all time a miniature "Shool Bus".

3. I'm a big fan of practical jokes. When my foster brother asks me to sign his homework as proof that it has been looked over by an adult I'll sign it something silly like "Captain Crunch" or "Bozo T. Clown" the teachers get a kick out of it and he gets embarrassed.

4. I was afraid of spiders until this year when I decided to garden without bug sprays. I figured I had to man up and accept them and I got pretty good this year at not screaming like a little girl when one jumped out from behind a flower.

5. I'm 6 foot tall I have a shaved head and a goatee. Picture that with what I just admitted to in number 4. Tragic, I know.

6. When I was a kid my aunt suffered from Geophagy. She wasn't allowed to have potted plants because of this but sometimes she'd sneak one into her house and hide it between the window and the drapes. Oh wait, this is suppose to be about me... My favorite plants that she'd sneak in were always wax begonias because I loved eating the flowers. There was just something about the tart flavor of wax begonia flowers that I loved. I'd pretend I was just following my uncle's orders when I would take the plants out when in reality I just wanted to take the plant so I could eat the flowers. To this day I have to restrain myself from picking them and eating them and my mouth is watering as I type this.

7. Sometimes when all the stray papers and fliers that make it into the garden get to be too much I just turn some soil over on them instead of picking them up. Even though it is sort of like composting I kind of feel like the kid who is sweeping the pile of dirt under the rug and hoping his mom doesn't notice.

8. This one time at band camp...oh wait. One time I was watching Desperate Housewives (stop laughing) and saw one of the characters planting a flower I'd never seen before that I thought was pretty cool. The next day I decided to post on a gardening forum and see if anyone has spotted the same flower and sure enough other people had seen it too. I was so embarrassed to admit to watching Desperate Housewives that I created a new screen name on the forum just so I could ask.

And I'm tagging Vaike aiablogi I wish I could understand the text of your blog because I like the pictures and like your blog's style. Brenda And Roy In Mexico. Adekun in Japan. Erick at HomeGardeningBlog.Italman at UrbanGrow. Mr Subjunctive at Plants Are The Strangest People. My Organic Patio. I chose you all because maybe this meme hasn't gotten to you already. Hope you have fun with it.


  1. Desperate Housewives ? I am not laughing, well maybe a slight giggle :)

  2. laughing over #6.
    Thanks for the very refreshing meme answers!!!

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Sounds like a personal ad:

    6 foot tall, shaved head and goatee. Interests include gardens and desperate housewives.

  4. Giggle giggle snort tee-hee! You forgot to mention that along with your love of practical jokes, you have a succulent sense of humour. I laughed right out loud, causing the cat-children to look around and see which of them was hamming it up. they think the world revolves around them, of course...

  5. This was great, Mr Brown Thumb - you do have a wickedly twisted sense of humor! Now I have a vision of you scrunching up to fit on a tuffet holding a bowl of curds and whey - shaved head, goatee and a spider dangling from a thread.

    I agree it's amazing what you can find at a dollar store!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. I Have heard of eating Nasturtium flowers... ;-) So, is your aunt responsible for your interest in plants and gardening?

  7. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for commenting and I hope you got a laugh out of this entry it was fun doing it. Thanks to those that tagged me to participate.


    I think I owe my grandfather for my appreciation of plants.

  8. OK, this was really funny. I knew about the height and spiders, but not everything else. I had no idea one could eat the flowers of wax begonias--but that's probably the best use for them!



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