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Growing Aloe Vera From Cuttings

A visitor to this gardening blog e-mailed me to ask if it was possible to propagate and grow Aloe vera from cuttings. Honestly, I've never tried it but everything I've read about Aloes indicates that they can't be propagated through leaf cuttings. But it is possible to propagate an Aloe vegetatively by removing a pup or by rhizome cuttings though.

But there are the Aloe vera hybrids that have been crossed with related succulents like my xGasteraloe 'Green Ice' which is reported to be a cross between a Gasteria 'Old Man Silver' x Aloe variegata. When I bought that plant there was one leaf that was much larger than the whole plant and has now died, that's a big clue that it was propagated by a leaf cutting.

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  1. I just cut 8 pups off of my aloe vera, it was getting so heavy it kept tipping the pot over, I shared the cuttings with my co-workers.

  2. Hi IGW,

    They're easy to do that way and it is good to hear that you're sharing them with co-workers.

  3. Anonymous1:20 AM

    I am glad to see the results are well seen with
    aloe vera
    . i have seen some products at my local heath store with aloe vera and was just wondering if this was as effective as using the gel from the plant.

  4. Anonymous10:02 PM

    This more effective because it is 100% Aloe Vera

    Experience (owner of many Aloe Vera plants)

    Ps. I tried the products and the actual gel from the leaf seems to work better (and a lot easier on your wallet)

  5. Anonymous6:26 PM

    ummmm what is a pup?

  6. Anonymous,

    "pup" is short for "puppy" and is a term people use to refer to the small plants that are produced at the base of another plant.

  7. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I have an aloe vera that is at least 17 years old. I've repotted pups but wonder how to handle the mother plant, now that it has a stem that it maybe 18 inches long before the leaves begin. That makes it distinctive looking, but unwieldy and vulnerable to getting knocked around.

    Does anyone know whether an older aloe vera plant like this will survive and grow new roots if you cut off the top just below the leaves and replant it?


  8. Hi Anonymous,

    If you cut off enough of the stem and allow it to callous over it should grow new roots when planted. The stem with the roots may even send out new growth.

    Propagation can be risky and since you've had it for so long I don't know if I would do it with your Aloe.

    But you can try.

  9. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Hi - My aloe is about 1-2 yrs old, is 36" from branch tip to branch tip, about 12" high. it's in a pot that's 15" high and only 6" deep. It can't stand up by itself. Should I repot it deeper and narrower? What's the lowest, safe night time temp for them?

    When do pups happen? I haven't seen any.

    Thanks for your help.


  10. Peter,

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you should repot your Aloe in something deeper. Make sure the pot is heavy enough to keep the Aloe plant from tipping over. I think 40 degree Fahrenheit is probably the lowest temperature I'd subject an Aloe to. Pups naturally happen on Aloes at a certain age. Although, I think they may be more prolific in a common Aloe plant than in a hybrid. In some cases stress may produce pups because the plant is preparing to die and produces pups to ensure survival.

  11. My variegated aloe nobilis :)

    Please identify this aloe for me :)

    Also, I have 2 leaf of Aloe nobilis which are in the first stage of rotting. Only on the first stage, still not severe.

    I already detached the leaves from the plant. I didn't cut the leaf, I detached it via it's "ring".

    Can I grow them ?

    Thanks in advance

  12. I tried for years to grow aloe. epic fail every time. I saw three tiny plants (replanted pups) at my local plant lady's and snatched them up for $2 each. They were maybe 6-8 inches tall when I bought them 6 years ago. They are thriving in my kitchen window (facing west) during the late fall, winter and early spring. I put them out side when the temps get nice and warm. They have set plenty of pups, that I gave several away as teacher's gift last year. The teacher's loved them! Mine are now so large that they are tipping over the window box container that they are in. They got knocked over outside, and left un-noticed, they started growing at an angle. Turning back upwards, much like a sunflower follows the sun. I'm going to repot them this fall. Just not sure where to keep them now as they were taking over the shelf they were on! They are at least two feet tall and just as wide. I have cut some of the leaves off and keep them in the freezer for sunburn relief. I don't know if that decreases the potency of the aloe gel or not, but it feels good!



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