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A Call For Garden Blog Entries

I've recently come across an entry on a blog that I found to be particularly touching and I'd like to link to it (and others) in a post here. Have you read an entry on a garden blog where the gardener shared something personal and touching? Maybe they talked about who the first person was to nurture the gardener inside him/her, wrote about a plant they are growing that once belonged to someone special in their life, anything you found interesting or that touched you.

With so many garden blogs I can't read every entry and I'm hoping that any regular readers here will share the best gardening related stories from the blogs they frequent. You can also submit a link to an entry you've written yourself that you thought was especially poignant or where you poured your heart out. You can email me the link to the entry you think is particularly good and if you can't remember the specific entry you can point me to the blog and give me a general idea of what the post was about and I can probably find it with a search. If this works I'll probably discover some new blogs or learn more about garden blogs I'm familiar with and spread some link love just in time for the holidays.

Just to be clear; I won't mention who submitted the link for inclusion (unless you want me to) so you can use this to self promote, I don't mind.


  1. Where is the post that inspired you? Sounds like a great idea!

  2. You'll have to come back and read the roundup of blog posts. I got a couple of them already and if you have one on your blog shoot it to me at the email in the post. ;0)

  3. Good idea! I haven't found (or written) one yet, but I'm eagerly awaiting your round up.

  4. MBT, here are links to two veteran gardeners who have so much knowledge to share, they are well worth reading.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I look forward to reading what you find.
    BTW--I got into landscaping as a teen because I wanted to earn money to take my girlfriend to the movies. Does that count?


  6. Hi Al,

    I tried to got to your blog yesterday but it was down. If you make a post about it I'm more than happy to include it in the roundup of posts.

    I've published the links I've gotten so far feel free to look them over and get an idea.



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