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Tulip Black Parrot

I want to share a photo from my garden from last month. The picture is of tulip Black Parrot that I planted last fall. I purchased it a cool garden center here in Chicago called Sprout Home because the photo of the tulip on the package was stunning. The tulip bulbs were packaged by a garden wholesaler named VanBloem Gardens that sells plants and horticultural equipment across the U.S and Canada. While not as large and nuanced as the product pictured on the package makes the Black Parrot tulips look they are still pretty stunning. The ruffled petals start a wine-red and darken to an almost black and the petals open up semi- flat and horizontal to the stem and reach a height of about 20 inches. The Leaves of this bulb are a grayish-green color and look the same as any other tulip. In my garden I also have Flaming Parrot tulips and the flowers of Black Parrot are smaller and not as flamboyant by comparison.

black tulip, black plants black flowers

I've been looking at many photos on tulip bulb retailers and have noticed that just about all of the photos of Black Parrot are different. Some of the differences are probably attributed to the fact that the photographer did some creative editing and some are probably due to differences in cultivation. I think I'll add a few more if I can find them this fall and enjoy the differences. The other black tulip in my garden I posted a photo of last spring, tulip Queen of Night. I planted Black Parrot in front of Queen of Night and it was a little bit of an overkill. Queen of Night grew taller and looks more graceful. When they're planted together they kind of blend and you can't enjoy either. I suggest either planting your black tulips separate from any other dark colors or maybe mixed in with lighter colors so they stand out. Slowly but surely my black flower collection is growing and if I'm not careful people will think I'm Goth or worse.


  1. Goth is good. At least when it comes to flowers. I love black tulips but only have one left. Between the hard cold winters and bloom time come the deer. And it's not that the deer just browse. I swear they ring the doorbell looking for more when my 'salad bar' runs out.

    Great to have you back. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Mr. Brown Thumb! What a lovely treat to find you in my inbox tonight! I viewed your profile tonight and see you also love architecture (like me), and The Red Violin. Now I see you also love black flowers. If you tell me you love chartreuse flowers, I'll wonder where you've been all my life ;).

  3. I looove black flowers! That's funny, my two favorite tulips are black parrots and flamming parrots. I need to buy some black flower bulbs, I don't have any yet. They're at the top of my list but since I live in so. cal I can only plant certain things. SO I might have to compromise. I'm thinking about black calla's mixed with white. Thanks for dropping by my blog! There should be some garden related posts on there soon, I don't so much out when it's hot so it might be a few weeks to a couple months before I start anything mayjuh! lol.

  4. You can't imagine how I have missed your blogging, this is where I get my major urban gardening fix :)

    That is one gorgeous flower .. but I agree, it should be mixed with a lighter color ... black&white sounds like a perfect harmony.

  5. Awesome to see you back, and with black tulips to boot! I have 'Queen of the Night' and love it, but I am definitely going to look for 'Black Parrot' now.

  6. Glad to see you are back. Hope all is well.
    When I gardened in Canada I had both "Queen of the Night" and "Black Parrots" and loved them both for their stunning color. They really stand out and add a "wow" factor.

  7. Mr. Brown Thumb!!! It's so Good to have you back!! You have really been missed. :-) I have to admit that black tulips don't do anything for me (I'm in the shade; you wouldn't see them!) ;-) But, I'm going to send one of my favorite garden bloggers over to see you. They LOVE Black and Orange! lol

  8. So glad you're back. I thought you were back with your post a couple of months ago, but I guess you needed more time. Now, I'm hoping my regular clicking on your site produces some posts!
    Black--or very dark flowers--have never been my favorites. Wiseacre's 'Goth' descrition is perfect! The petal shape of your Black Parrot is a redeeming value though, and makes this an attractive tulip.

  9. Hi Mr. Brown Thumb!!! So happy to hear from you and see you again! Hope your Mom is doing well, and YOU too! This black tulip is amazing!!! I ADORE it!!! Sure wish I could grow them in south Florida...but something tells me NO! I have to seek out anything black that will grow here because this truely appeals to me! Hey, I do have 1 VERY dark colored aeonium...but I want more now! LOL! Thanks for posting!

  10. That is one cool-looking tulip. I am going to see if I can find it to plant in the fall. A garden can never have enough black flowers!

  11. Yeah, what they said! ;) I have to add that it's an absolutely lovely photo, you could sell it (and all other photos you take).

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I hope all is well with you and the family.

  12. I think it's absolutely stunning. Such a stark contrast from the tulips around here! Beautiful!

    My Green Thumb is posted. Scroll down on today's entry. Hope you can find time to drop in for a visit.

  13. MBT - I missed you!

    And that is one bad ass tulip!

  14. A goth gardener. I think that you could start an entire enterprise with that, and I am serious. I think you would have a following for real... Very ingenious flower... Kayce

  15. Worse - they'll think you're a fashionista. Black flowers have such cachet but are so difficult to site in the garden. I don't even both in the shade garden, they just fade away. I succumbed to the lure of black this spring with Pansies.

  16. I think someone should cultivate a black tulip called "Heart of Darkness" in honor of Conrad's masterpiece. Of course, it's quite possible someone already has...

  17. Wiseacre,

    Sorry to hear about your deer problems. Living in the city I don't have that problem ;0)


    chartreuse flowers are not my thing. I hope we can still be friends though. lol.

    Garrett Sawyer,

    Black calla lilies are cool. I have one I've posted about before.


    I feel the same way about your cooking blog. :0)


    Hope you find it. I like it a lot.

    Brenda thanks for stopping by and hope you come back soon.


    I never thought about the effects of shade on dark flowers.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    Thanks for the warm reception.


    I hope you find it too.


    Thanks for stopping by and things are going pretty well.

    Hootin Annie,
    Thanks for visiting I'll stop by your blog soon.

    Iowa gardening woman,

    Thanks for stopping by.


    Thanks for stopping by.


    It would make a good subject for a blog wouldn't it? There used to be a small website devoted to "Goth gardening" but the site went AWOL a few months ago. I used to use it a reference to collect names of black plants to collect.

    Mr.McGregor's Daughter,

    I love the black pansies. Black Prince is a favorite of mine I wish I had bought and stored more seeds for it as I have none now. Welcome to the dark side of gardening. ;0)

    That's a very cool name for a plant.

  18. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Mr Brown Thumb,

    I suffering from tulip envy here in a mild winter climate. I'm too lazy, and forgetful, to put the bulbs in the fridge for the chill period.

    Beautiful photo.

  19. Beautiful - had decided no tulips next year, but that one could almost make me change my mind.

  20. i am interested in purchasing this picture. is that a possiblity?

  21. Jenn,

    It sure is. You know I may have a couple of different version of this one and 'Queen of Night' I'll look in my archives and send you a message through FB in the morning.



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