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Chicago Flower & Garden Show

After a two year absence from Chicago's Navy Pier the Chicago Flower & Garden Show will return March 7th-15, 2009. In 2007 it became the Chicagoland Flower & Garden Show after the show moved to Rosemont, IL in an effort to attract more visitors. All seems to be forgiven and forgotten- including that the city was suppose to but on the Garden in a City Show aimed at urban gardeners. I've tried looking up the domain for the show that was only held once in 2006 and it seems to be parked and for sale.

I've made plans to attend at least two days of the show to cover it for this garden blog. I contacted the public relations firm that is handling the show and ended up having a conversation with Sheila King (the owner of the firm) about why it was important to include garden bloggers in the process. Sheila King agrees that garden bloggers, local & national, need to be brought into the fold and they're creating a media list for garden bloggers.

It probably helped my case that Ms. King has been watching print publications fold and garden writers/reporters get laid off left and right. A tough break for old media but some good will come out of it and open doors for garden bloggers. If you'd like I can pass on your email and URL to the PR firm and going forward they'll include you in press releases and you'll be invited to things like press conferences on the show. If you would like to get added to the media list of garden bloggers you use my contact form to drop me a note. Make sure to add your name, URL and the email you want to have information about the Chicago Flower & Garden Show to in your message. You don't have to be from Chicago to get added just a garden blogger. I won't publish or use this information for any other purposes.

How receptive are the garden shows in your area to garden bloggers?


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    What a smart thing to do! I look forward to your report come mid-March.

  2. I hope your efforts to promote garden blogging are richly rewarded. Good luck with Spring Fling too!

  3. Anonymous5:03 PM


    Thanks for stopping by. I'm getting anxious myself and already making plans on how I'll tackle such a big show.

    W2W, What a nice thing to say. Still wish you could attend.



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