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Greening Up

I've covered the Reflections garden and the Rooftop Garden of the Future at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. This exhibit is called Greening Up and it is a four-season garden set around a replica of a typical Chicago garage. The display was divided into four quadrants and each quadrant showcased a different garden style. The garage in the center of all these gardens has a living roof.

Winter interests garden

This I guess is the winter garden and while nice I'd rather not think about winter right now. I'm in the mood to put it behind me. This garden does a great job of illustrating the need for plants that provide interest in the garden during the winter.

Green wall Chicago Flower & garden showAnother view of this garden shows the living roof better. There is a rain barrel that collects runoff water. A living wall leans against the wall of the garage. To the left is a potting area and in the foreground there is a water feature that isn't show in this photo.

cold frame in garden Chicago Flower & garden showAnother side of the same garage the colors and plantings are more subdued. In the center there is a cold frame and to the left there was another chair.

potting garden Chicago Flower & Garden ShowBetween the two gardens shown above sat this one which was my favorite of all four quadrants, it should have been a display by itself. There's a potting shelf to the right of that the yellow pole leads up to a bat house and next to that there is a compost bin.

wooden garden path, Chicago Flower & Garden ShowOn the opposite side of the same garden there is is awesome garden path created from circular pieces of wood. To the left of the path there was a fire pit dug into the ground. The black cannas and the light flowers from the foxgloves really work together.

The seating area of the same garden just off of the potting area shown above. You can click on the photos for a slightly larger view. If I could have this garden transplanted to my house I would do it in a heartbeat. It has everything I like, annuals, perennials, tropicals, cacti & succulents, edibles and makes a small space look really large and every square foot of the garden is well used. Greening Up was designed by the professionals of the Lincoln Park & Garfield Park conservatories.

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  1. It looks as though there was a LOT to enjoy at this show! Did you come home with any special inspiration?

  2. Hi Shady,

    I did actually. A lot of the things I'd like to incorporate like the circular wooden path.



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