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Chicago Spring Fling In Pictures

Didn't get a chance to take a lot of photos during Spring Fling but here are a few that I liked. My pictures of the Rick Bayless garden are over on my garden blog for Chicago Garden and my other post on the subject of Spring Fling is: Chicago Spring Fling in Words. Links in this post open in new window. If you hover your mouse over one of the garden photos you should get a description.

Lurie Garden in Spring

Burro's tail succulent at Garfield Park Conservatory

Espalier Fruit Tree Garfield Park Conservatory

Stone wall at Rick Bayless Urban Edible Garden

Ceropegia woodii at Rick Bayless' urban edible garden
Bougainvillea Garfield Park Conservatory
Abandoned Truck Across From Sweet Home & Garden Chicago

Lurie Garden in Bloom

Rhubarb at Ginkgo Organic Community Garden
Garden Art at Sweet Home & Garden Chicago
Flowering Chives at Urban Potager in Grant Park
America's Spinach at Ginkgo Organic Community garden

I didn't get a chance to properly thank Flatbush Gardener & Garden Faeriefor their help during Spring Fling. You two were on vacation but you found it in your heart to help out with your fellow garden blogger who was in a wheelchair and couldn't get around so easy. If you're ever back this way let me buy you a drink.


  1. I think you said on Twitter the other night that you weren't happy with the photos you took of Spring Fling...these are all amazing! Remind me to smack you if I ever meet you in person, ok? :-) I'm lucky if my photos don't come out all blurry and washed-out looking.

    I love that one of the wall and urns at the Bayless garden. It looks so peaceful.

  2. The tree that is climbing onto the wall in a 'hanukkah candle' shape has really captured my attention. TQ for posting all these good pictures. They have given me some inspiration for what to do next in my small container garden. Have a great day MTB!

  3. Hi Mr Brown Thumb, thanks for stopping by today! You were in a wheelchair? My goodness, there you were, giving me 'support' re: my ankle, and all along YOU have something going on too! Hope you'll soon be well! I enjoyed your photos. Everyone who attended the CSF has just a little variation in their perspective and it's fun to view them all! Happy Day, MBT;-)

  4. Flatbush did most of the pushing... as did Linda on a separate occasion. I love your photos, especially as they captured things I didn't see. And I like how that tall building near Lurie always gets distorted in photos!

  5. Hello Mr. Brown Thumb,

    Thanks for the lovely comment about my Mom, and I am sorry to have missed the Spring Fling but I hope to meet you soon.

  6. LOVE the pictures! I sure wish I could have been there, but it looks like y'all had a great time. I sure didn't know there was so much "green" in Chicago, but I haven't ever visited for the purpose of seeking it out. It is a must-do trip on my list for sure!

  7. Oh! And I'm sorry to hear that you were having a hard time...hope you mend quickly! :)

  8. Hello,

    I'll be back to respond to comments right now I'd just like to clear up the wheelchair thing. I wasn't in a wheelchair one of the attendees was and two other attendees helped Linda wheel her around during the events and I appreciate just how thoughtful they were in making sure one of their fellow garden bloggers was comfortable when they should have been thinking about having fun, not "working."

    be back soon.

  9. Looks like y'all had perfect weather. The sky look so blue and all the greens look so fresh. I'd love to step into that garden that has the urns on either side of the entrance. Wish I could have been there.

  10. OMG, who's garden is the reddish wall with the espaliered tree? It is stunning!!

  11. Great photos, Mr BT!!! Looked like a grand time!

  12. You have a great eye for pictures.

  13. Really nice photos MBT! I feel lucky living so close to all the things we saw at SF. I don't enjoy them often enough. Being on the committee was a great experience for a lot of reasons. Getting me back into the city, realizing/remembering how much there is to see and do for gardeners was definitely one of them.

    I really appreciated Monica's and Flatbush's help - I'd have never made it back to the hotel in time for the next thing we had to take care of without them.

  14. Hi there I so wish I could be in Chicago! Read about the 'Tomato Event'in the Chicago Garden blog.
    Great post both here and there!

    Greatings from Stockholm/ Tyra


  15. Fantastic photos--you're the only one I've seen who managed to get a picture of the Jeep in the front yard:) I hope you're finally getting a chance to relax a little now that Spring Fling is over.

    I hate to ask one more thing, but I've noticed the links on the participant page no longer work. I was wanting to visit everyone who attended Spring Fling, but I've forgotten many of their blog names. Is there any place on the Chicago Gardeners page that has them?

  16. Never mind, I just saw that you had added these links once again. You are awesome, MBT! Thank you!

  17. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Mr. Write thanks you for your recent comments about his blog.

    If you wish to view any other posts at "Mister Write," do it soon. I am changing my focus and working on something more important at this blog spot. "Mister Write" will be deleted.

    Thanks again. your photos are very eye-catching.

  18. Excellent photos! Thanks again for the swag...I am planting some of the seeds tomorrow! gail

  19. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Those are some amazing photos!

  20. MBT, thanks for the sharing. I've never heard of Rick Bayless gardens and it's been awhile since I've hit Garfield Park. You've inspired me to expand beyond the arboreteum.

  21. Great photos, MBT, except for the jeep which I have to look at everyday. It's a symbol of the blight of our bad economy - what once was a beautiful home and garden has fallen into ruin; bankruptcy and god knows how long we'll have to look at this eyesore.

  22. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Garden Shoes Online welcomes the opportunity to be able to give to such a great event. Sounds like you all had a great time. The gardens look just beautiful through photographs, they must have been incredible in person.

  23. It's not surprising to me that a couple of garden bloggers would help out without being asked. A spirit of goodwill and cooperation seldom goes missing from most of the garden bloggers I visit. And I think that Jeep is a beauty, even if it is a bit beat up and abandoned at the moment. I hope someone can claim it and its home and bring them back to life again. Thanks for sharing some of your best shots, MBT.

  24. Your photos are beautiful! The espalier is gorgeous! I think the Ginko Community Garden mislabeled the "rhubarb". The plant is Swiss chard the variety might be "Rhubarb". I missed finding-out about the spring fling. Is this a yearly thing? My Chicago blog is Urban Acres,

  25. Found your blog by way of a new friend on twitter - I love it, my sister just moved to Chicago 2 weeks ago from small town Michigan. I'm going to have to share this with her - give her ideas of things to do in Chicago besides work. Thank you.

  26. Amazing photos! What a lovely tour !

  27. These photos are beautiful!



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