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Burpee Seeds At Walmart, Kmart And Lowe's Garden Centers

I noticed today that for the past three years Burpee seeds I find at garden centers and nurseries end up being blogged about. So, I guess this is the 4th Annual Burpee Seeds post, which probably makes this more of a Burpee Seed Watch by now. In last year’s Burpee Seeds at Home Depot post I pointed out how the Cypress Vine labeled Burpee seeds were what most people call Cardinal Climber. I’ve never grown Cardinal Climber, but I have grown Cypress Vine and it is my absolute favorite climbing vine to grow in the garden. The first time I saw what I know to be Cypress Vine labeled as Cardinal Climber by Burpee I thought it had to be an error, then I thought; “Who am I to question a seed giant like Burpee?” But then I came across these two seed packets at Menards and I was again left scratching my head.
Cypress Vine, Cardinal Climber Burpee seed packs

I purchased these two packets of Burpee seeds at Menards. The one on the right is packaged as an heirloom and the one on the left is just a regular packet. They're both the same weight and price and seem to use the same photograph. The "heirloom" packet lists Cypress Vine and Cardinal Climber as the common name. I know that common names vary from region to region and from person to person. A Google search for "Cypress Vine" will result in page after pages of results discussing (or picturing) the Cypress Vine I grow. Similarly, a search of Ipomoea quamoclit, the botanical name listed on the heirloom package, will return results for Cypress Vine. Do a search for Cardinal Climber or Ipomoea stoleri or Ipomoea x multifida and you’ll get results for Cardinal Climber, the plant pictured on these two seed packs. Park Seeds sells the vine pictured in these two seed packets as Cardinal Climber Ipomoea x multifida. So, what is up with the Cypress Vine sold by Burpee? Was there a name change that I haven’t been able to find or is this an error on Burpee’s part? I don’t think an error like this would’ve gone unnoticed by gardeners who are sticklers for properly identified plants. To most gardeners this probably doesn’t matter but I’m a seed nerd who likes to know what he’s buying and things like this keep me up at night.

Most of my seed purchases are done in local big box garden centers and nurseries since they’re what are conveniently available. Being far more familiar with Home Depot, Menards, WalMart, Kmart and Lowe’s than I usually care to admit, I know there are differences in prices for just about everything. The same can be said for seed packets and if you look, you can save yourself a few cents.

Cosmos Seashells Mix seed packets

Here are two Burpee seeds packets, both for Cosmos Seashells Mix. The seed packet on the right was purchased at Menards where all the seeds were on sale. After the “sale” price was taken into account it came out to $1.07 before taxes. The seed package on the left came from Walmart’s garden center and retailed for $1.00 before taxes. What makes the Cosmos seed packet from Menards more expensive? The bilingual labeling?  The pricing was the same at Kmart with Walmart beating both retailers even taken into consideration their "sales." It isn’t just the pricing; the size of the selection varies at these garden centers and nurseries. Kmart’s Burpee seed display is downright pitiful. Home Depot didn’t have their Burpee display out but it is usually a small island. The selection seemed to be larger at Walmart with Menards coming in a second.

Viola Black Jack Burpee Signature Series seeds
This is the first year that I visited Lowe’s in my seed buying adventures, and while the display wasn’t as large as Walmart’s or Menards’ the selection looks to be different. They carry the Burpee Signature series, which is a blue seed packet that I’ve never seen before. The varieties of seeds look to be fancier, like the name implies, I couldn’t resist picking up some seed packets of Viola Blackjack. The prices are higher, with no “sale” when I visited, but for premium seeds I don’t mind paying a few cents more. If you’ll be buying Burpee seed at either of these locations visit them all and compare the prices and varieties before making your final selection.

Burpee Blacklist?

When I discovered I had an interest in gardening the first seed company I became aware of was Burpee. I’m not sure if I made the connection myself or if it was as a result of knowing older gardeners at the time who were from generations of Burpee seed buyers. I came into gardening wanting to be a Burpee costumer.  The first seed catalog I ever requested, 12 years ago now, was a Burpee seed catalog. Over the years I’ve requested one off and on. The odd thing is that the darn seed catalog never comes. I don’t know if I have mailman stealing my seed catalogs or if I’m on the seed catalog equivalent of a “No-Fly” list.  In January one Email led to another and I ended up exchanging Emails with Kristin Grilli, who is in charge of public relations at Burpee. She couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating, even offering me the opportunity to speak with George Ball, Chairman of Burpee. In the same Email she informed me that she was going to have a Burpee and Cook’s Garden seed catalog sent out to me and that I would have it by the next week.  I know I’m late for the Golden Age of Burpee’s seed catalog, but I wouldn’t be honest if my heart didn’t flutter at the thought of holding a seed catalog that I’ve longed for since I was in my late teens & early twenties.

I didn’t take Ms. Grilli up on her offer to interview Mr. Ball because wanted to look through the catalog and do some research first. Every day since that Email I’ve walked out to the mailbox like an old spinster thinking this would be the day a letter from the one that got away would arrive. I even checked the mailbox on Sundays because you never know with Chicago mailmen. It has now been over a month and no sign of the Burpee seed catalog, I’ve waiting 12 years I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. I’m now convinced that I’m on some kind of list for bad gardeners.  

Seed Starting Tips.

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Home made seed pots

Paper tube seed pot holders

The morning after I published this post I received a call from Ms Grilli who was calling me to make sure she had my address correct because she was going to overnight me the catalogs that hadn't arrived. Thanks for going through the trouble Ms. Grilli, like I said it wasn't necessary, but I do appreciate it.

Here is what came this morning. The Burpee seed catalog, which is more awesome & wet than I could imagine thanks to lazy postal workers, the Cook's Garden seed catalog, a nice catalog with an interesting selection of fruits, veggies and herbs. Finally, The Heronswood catalog which seemed to escape the water/snow damage caused by the mailman throwing the package onto the snowy stairs. On the cover of the Heronswood catalog is a black hellebore ('Onyx Odyssey') that is out of this world. I've been on the Heronswood site before but haven't really paid it much attention, but looking through the catalog I can see I'm going to have to change that. I can't stop drooling over the Heronswood catalog while I wait for the other two to dry out.

In the comment of the post Nathan gave his theory as to why the seeds with the Walmart label (above) were less expensive than the ones bought at Menards.

He got me curious so I opened the packets of seeds to compare them. Do you see a difference in the quality of the seeds?


  1. Dude, I was JUST obsessing about those same seed packets! I noticed that picture under the wrong name at Menard's, and couldn't figure out what was going on! I bought a packet to grow, we'll see if it is the plant that I call cardinal climber -I. x multifada - as pictured, or a cypress vine - I. quamoclit -- as listed. By the way, Renee's, where I have bought those seeds in the past, lists cypress vine as Quamoclit pennata.

  2. There's a facet of seed packet purchase that you did not address, that of volume. Do the packets from various stores have the same number of seeds?

    I tend to buy seeds on whim and sometimes duplicate. I planted a packet of Ferry-Morse Italian parsley yesterday that held 24 seeds and cost $1.25. Today I located a packet of Burpee Italian Parsley that I had misplaced. It cost $1.07 and held more than 100 seeds. The Burpee seeds were enclosed in a little foil packet inside the envelope, not loose as in the Ferry-Morse pack.

  3. Abbie,

    That's hilarious. When I was composing this post I was sure I was the only one in the world who was even thinking about this. I'm going to sow both and see what they end up germinating. I still have a stash somewhere of my original Valentine Mix of Cypress Vine that I got a few years ago at Target under the Sean Conway line.


    You're right. I had intended to mention that but didn't include it in the final post by mistake. If you click on the picture you'll see that the seed packets (from different stores) both supposedly weigh the same.

    If anyone is curious I've posted a list of my commercial seed packets on my FB page <----copy/paste into your browser to view. Click on photo to enlarge.

  4. You know the price difference probably has something to do with wal-mart. Seeing as how they get companies to make electronics, bikes, furniture, and everything else at a lower price by using sub-par parts. They probably convinced burpee to package up floor sweepings and call it seed. A good test would be to buy ten packages of one variety from both stores and them sort them for damaged seeds, shriveled seeds that obviously will not germinate, and number of seeds etc. I bet you'll find your answer.

  5. Hilarious, MBT! Why do you suppose Burpee doesn't follow through? Are they just full of hot air? I didn't know people actually bought seeds for cypress vine. It grows without any effort, like a weed around here along the roadside.

  6. There's always and All the same seeds. Of course you have to pay for shipping and handling.

  7. Nathan,

    LMAO. I could believe that. Now I'm going to have to open up both packets to compare them. If I get a good shot I'll update the post with the picture.


    I don't know. I realize you have to be a customer for companies to continuously send you their catalogs, but I've never had the opportunity. So, I usually just buy them retail. Maybe someone in my family once stiffed them? I really don't know why that catalog never makes it to my door. I'm kind of jealous to hear that you guys having it growing wild down in Florida.

  8. Hi Beth,

    Looks like we cross-posted. You're right, there is always online ordering but that's not the same as leafing through a catalog or standing there debating with yourself over whether you really want to buy the seed packets you're holding in your hand.

  9. There's one more bizarre quandry with Burpee seeds: the packets in the retail stores are over a dollar cheaper than in the catalog! As for packet size, it's hard to say how they compare-my mammoth dill packet from Menard's says 1.5g for $1.79, the catalog says 700 seeds for $2.95! (As you can see, I DO have a catalog...sorry :) I would send it to you, but I've cut out pictures and marked it all up. I hope you do get one eventually, I can't imagine why you never have. I think mail thief! (One other tidbit: the seeds at Cook's Garden are even MORE expensive than Burpee, and I had a bad experience with them this year. They don't ship seeds in padded envelopes and they arrive crushed.) I did email Cook's about it, and they re-shipped the seeds (from Burpee's warehouse this time). Once again, crushed from no padding and one packet was full of pantry moth webs! After another email, they shipped my seeds again-in a padded box! They were intact and web-free this time and I appreciate that they made it right, but they should just use padded envelopes in the first place. ALL of the other seed companies I ordered from used them.

  10. Great info, Mr. BT! I think I shall go order a catolog from Burpee and if it comes, I will mail it to you!!!

  11. OK...I just ordered the catalog...todays date: Feb 18, 2010. Will let you know what date I recieve it and will mail it to you if you have not recieved one yet!

  12. Thanks for showing the various ways to make own seed starter pots. Really helps :-) Btw, those cosmo colours are unusual for me and definitely beautiful!!

  13. Hey dude! Quick question. I've been hoping to sprout some lingonberry bushes for my Swedish aunt, but I can't seem to find them anywhere (except online). Do you have any ideas?

  14. Lisa,

    That's interesting about the difference in the catalog versus the garden center. With shipping it is probably cheaper to buy retail. That's crazy about the seeds but at least they eventually made good on the order. I don't understand people who send seeds via mail without protecting them.

    That's really nice and I appreciate the sentiment, but you don't have to go through the trouble. :0)

    There's a nice double pink one from that you should see. It is stunning!

    Nature Assassin,
    I can't think of a garden center in our area that sells it. But you should try the Google group for Advocates for Urban Ag. If you post there and someone has bought seeds or plants they'll reply.

  15. OK, I'm laughing over here. I've been trying for the past THREE YEARS to get Burpee to stop sending me two catalogs every year. I get one in January, and then, without fail, another one comes in February. Though I guess it's better than not getting one at all...

  16. Perhaps you should call Burpee's?

    This is a funny (not-so-funny) conundrum. I'll watch for the follow-up! :-)

  17. I'm guessing that if someone from Burpee reads this post, they will sorely regret their missteps. Customer service ain't what it used to be.

  18. This is why Latin names are so important, because common names vary so much, especially from region to region. I wish all seed companies added the Latin name to the package.

    Also, many people use the common names cardinal creeper and cypress vine interchangeably, but they are two different species.

    Ipomoea quamoclit is Cypress vine and Ipomoea x multifida is cardinal creeper / cardinal vine cardinal creeper.

    They do look very similar, but I. multifida has less lacy leaves, but a fuller look overall. not seeing them side by side, though, it's tricky.

  19. Not only do I get Burpee's catalog, when I reviewed last year's Mr. Ball commented on my post. You should take up the offer to interview him. Shawna Coronado did at the Casual Gardener. (I spent the time looking up the link but apparently can't post it in comments.) Well it wasn't so much an interview as a blank slate for Mr. Ball to say whatever he wished.

    I've always heard cardinal climber as another name for cypress vine. They're used interchangeably down south. One name refers to the color of the flower, the other to the delicate cypress-like leaves.

    However, according to a 1936 Taylor's Encyclopedia of gardening cypress vine was called Quamoclit pennata and cardinal climber was Quamoclit sloteri. The latter is apparently a hybrid between Q. pennata (cypress vine) and Q. coccinea (Star Ipomoea). The difference is in the leaves: cypress vine has thread-like (cypress tree like) leaves and cardinal climber has deeply lobed leaves.

    The fact that Q. sloteri was the old name for the hybrid might explain the "x" in the new name--if it is Ipomoea x multifida. Or not.

  20. Colleen,

    That's hilarious. I knew that there was someone who was living in an alternate universe who was getting too many catalogs, I just didn't figure it would be you.


    It is a funny situation. I'll keep you posted. :0)


    As someone who never bothers to learn the Latin names I couldn't agree more. I always thought the use of them was outdated or elitist, BUT seeing how the use of the common name can confuse gardeners I'm not in the pro-Botanical name camp.


    Thanks for commenting because yours was the post I was referring to when I said I had missed the "Golden Age" of the catalog. I couldn't remember who blogged about it but I knew someone had and remembered George C. Ball commenting on the post and was impressed by that.

    I saw Shawna's post and bookmarked it to read but haven't gotten around to it.

    Thanks for the information from Taylor's Encyclopedia.

  21. I think the walmart pricing thing is because walmart negotiates (to say it in a nice way) with their product suppliers as special can't-be-beat walmart price. For the priviledge to sell Burpee seeds at walmart, Burpee had to knock down the price and I'd assume that cost to Burpee is absorbed some other place like in the cost of their seeds at other retailers.

    I also found the cardinal vine packets really interesting because it just goes to show how much of seed selling is branding and packaging. Look at how the heirloom package uses a different font and graphics style to appear more homemade. I'd wager that the seeds inside each packet are exactly the same.

  22. Hi MBT! I see that Cypress Vine is one of your favorite climbers to grow. I've not tried it, but now you have me curious! It does look lovely! Is it fast growing? and would it do well covering a portion of chain link fence that faces my neighbors yard? Thanks!

  23. I'm always leery with "big name" seed companies... good post.

  24. J-Dog,

    You may be right. But I don't see Burpee being backed into a corner by big bad Walmart. I mean, Burpee is a seed titan and if Walmart wanted cheap they could've continued selling Walmart brand garden seeds (maybe they still do)that are packaged for them by Ferry Morse.

    Hi Judy,

    The Cypress Vine that I've grown is a good screener if you let it grow up a fence or something similar. I've not grown the "Cypress Vine" that is pictured in the seed packets, but I can't imagine it wouldn't be just as a good of a screener.

    Hi Dirty Girl,

    I know what you mean. Thanks for commenting.

  25. I think the seeds on the right look plumper, and the seeds on the left a little more dried out.

  26. I enjoyed your article. I have also wondered the same thing about seed packets. Some so excpensive, others dirt cheap from the same company. I also succumb often to the displays at home depot and lowes or agway. I can't help it. It's the need for spring. I am glad you received your catalogue from burpees. I hope it was all you had hoped for. ~stop over at my blog. We are having a give away. it's a big one and I am hoping the word gets out. I want to see someone win! thanks for the interesting post

  27. Dear Self Proclaimed Seed Nerd, ... too funny. A few weeks ago I went to a garden center looking for seeds and they had a handful. Whats up I ask? I need SEEDS!!! I need to shake the packets and squeeze them. Apparently it was too early for them to stock them in the cold north. Glad to know I'm not alone.

  28. I buy most of my seeds online from Thompson & Morgan (but then I'm a Brit). It keeps sending me print catalogs, too, which I have to say I like looking at but really don't need. Usually, T&M are good seed merchants but I've had more luck w/Burpee's sweet peas this year. Go figure.

  29. I'm playing the waiting game as well. Every day I check the mailbox to see if my latest seed order has come in. In the words of Oscar Wilde, the anticipation is killing me... I hope it lasts :)

  30. I've been poring over Burpee catalogs since I was a little girl participating in planning our family veggie garden every winter. We get three here - two addressed to me, one to my husband.

    In recent years I order a lot less from Burpee and a lot more from heirloom and non-gmo seed suppliers, but I gotta admit the Burpee catalog will probably always have that old sentimental pull.

    We grew cardinal climber at the nursery last year, and thinking about trying them at home.

    Now you've got me planning to stop at WalMart and check out the seed department. Oh dear MBT. . . with all the cuttings and seeds I already have started in the basement, it's going to be a challenge finding space to start veggies in a couple of weeks. :O

  31. Fern,

    You're the second person to say that. I should've done a "blind seed test." Posted the seeds without identifying where they came from and seeing what people would guess.


    Thanks. As you know I've been to the blog.


    That's horrible. Is Sid's Greenhouse near you? I hear they've had their seed displays out for a while now. Hope you get a seed fix soon.


    T&M is another one of those seed companies I've always wanted to shop. When I went to the Independent Garden Center Show last year they had a booth and I wish I would've signed up for the media kit. Fortunately, I hear that a local garden center will be carrying their seeds so I may get a chance to buy from them. The other day I became a fan of the Thompson & Morgan Facebook page and I couldn't stop reading their page without a fake British accent.

    Nature Assassin,

    I know the feeling. That's primarily while I like to shop for seeds in person because I don't like the waiting part of it. I need to see the seeds and be able to bring them home.

    Garden Girl,

    Plus you also signed up for Renee's kit, right? Anyway there's an offer in it for seeds which you should check out before buying any more.

    Thank you all for the comments.

  32. OK, Mr. GT...glad you got your catalog...I just came back to check cause mine came in the mail today!! It's a nice fat juicy one too!!! Just sitting down to take a look! Enjoy!!!!!

  33. Next time I see their seeds at one of the Big Box Stores I am going to look a lot closer~This was a fun post and the comments were a treat~gail

  34. When I started looking tonight for the correct botanical name for Cardinal Climber to include with a photo, I discovered it goes by Ipomoea sloteri (and a whole bunch of synonyms). That was a new one for me ~ it's totally confusing.

    Maybe the cheaper Cosmos seeds are from an older batch. Just strange that there would be a price difference from what looks like exactly an identical number of the same seeds.

  35. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for checking back. It was nice of your to offer. Enjoy the catalog.


    You should also check to see who packaged the seed packets. Sometimes a big box store may have seeds with their name on it but packaged by a large seed company. In those cases the seeds for the big box store are sometimes cheaper than the same seeds for the seed company.

    That's funny. I just commented on your pic on flickr on the Cardinal Climber. Yeah, I wonder why such a simple plant has such a confusing history of names.

    I think I'm going to contact Burpee and see if they want to answer the question about why the seeds are cheaper.

    I'll keep you all posted.

  36. Nice catches on those seed packets... I usually order my Burpee seeds from their catalog, but I hate the fact that those packets come without any photos on them at all. Just the writing detailing what's inside. :-(

  37. Speaking of seeds, I'm having a giveaway at my blog if you like free seeds :)

  38. This is all very intriquing! I'm truly looking forward to hearing more, if anything comes of this. Very strange indeed..
    Can't see/explain any differences between seeds shown here!

    And, just to add, I've never been able to receive a Burpee's catalogue either! Have requested one many times, and it's yet to find my mailbox.

  39. Hello again! BTW, I posted and linked to you with regard to the GROW project. Just thought you ought to know! :-) SG

  40. So far this season we have received at least two Cooks catalogs and maybe four Burpee's Catalogs. Guess what we never buy from Burpee's. We buy from Territorial Seeds they grow all their own seeds. We get lots of seed catalogs as Meg used to be an organic farmer.

  41. Wow, I didn't realize Burpee did all that. The only time I was ever aware of Burpee was as a kid when McDonald's offered those gardening toys when spring rolled around. They'd toss in a package of seeds with each toy. I always thought "Burpee" was such a cool name. Never thought twice about them when I got older.

  42. Karen,

    We should form a club.


    You and Colleen could start a club too. The opposite of mine, where you all get catalogs we want. :0)

    Dragon Stone,

    Dude! Where have you been? Nice to see you back.

  43. Mr. BT, I think that you actually bolstered J-Dog's theory (which is what I was going to theorize, too) when you said that you didn't see Burpee being backed into a corner because Walmart could just keep selling their cheap Walmart brand seeds if they wanted cheap.

    EXACTLY! Which is why Burpee, who doesn't want to lose any market percentage to the likes of Ferry Morse (or whoever packages for Walmart) WOULD jump through Walmart's required hoops. Otherwise, they don't get their product in front of the thousands of people who shop at Walmarts every year.

  44. Kim,

    Thanks for the comment. You've almost convinced me that you and JDog are right. It will take another trip to the WalMart's garden center to be definitive, though.

    When I was there I only spotted the Burpee seed display and not the Ferry Morse, WalMart branded seeds or the American Seed display. If the Ferry Morse display is gone and the WalMart branded seeds are gone too then you're both right.

    Hopefully I make it back to a WalMart soon because now I'm really curious.

  45. I love this post! And I actually feel smarter after reading it. Being a gardener of only 3 years and facing the same situation, I've been thinking "maybe that's just the way it works with seeds"? But now I see the light. It was driving me crazy. Thanks MrBrownThumb

  46. Hi Green Thumbelina,

    Glad you found the post useful.

  47. Anonymous12:13 PM

    the WalMart's garden center to be definitive, though.

  48. Great seed info! I have recently been turned onto Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( they have an absolutely gorgeous catalog...worth checking out.

  49. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Catalogs are sent at a cheaper rate than regular mail and are often considered "junk mail" by mail deliverers. I'll lay good money on the assumption you've got a lazy postman. It is not rare for some postmen to pitch "junk mail". I suggest you file a complaint with your local post office.

  50. Hi Anon, Thanks for the postal tip. I don't think I'll need to resort to it this year because the catalog actually arrived.

  51. The seed packets being different prices is actually very annoying if you ask me. It should be the same price across the board... Even if it's Walmart. Were they the same size / weight seeds?

  52. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Enjoyed your posts about Burpee seeds. Nothing compares to an early spring visit to the store in Warminster, PA. We went too early in Feb. before they were opened and had to go back.
    I will try cypress vine/cardinal flower on a trellis. One of my fav climbers is hyacinth bean, with a purple flower. Usually, I save seeds, but forgot to before dear husband's fall clean-up.
    I always look for the big boxes' 50% off of Burpee seeds. There is not always the selection, but you can't beat the price. The full moon tonight should be fantastic, it is at its apogee.
    Happy day for starting seeds, weather is sunny and beautiful.

  53. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Question: Let's say I buy a bag of beans on the isle and take them home and plant some of them, won't they reproduce themselves or are all the beans on the shelves been altered so they can't ? If they do reproduce themselves, then why all the fuss over the little packets of seeds for 1.00 when you can buy a kazillion in a 1 pound bag for 3.00? Take care, Coop at coopscorner at cowboy yelling dot com

  54. Hi Perennialgreen,

    Thanks for the reminder to look out for the Burpee seeds when they are on sale at the big box stores! I should check mine and see if I can stock up on some seeds.

    Anonymous (Coop),
    It depends. I've read that some produce and seeds imported into the U.S. is irradiated to protect us against pests and diseases and that a lot of stuff in the grocery store will not germinate. But I've seen stuff from the grocery store germinate in the kitchen all the time. As long as a seed is an heirloom though you should be able to germinate it and get it to be exactly like the seeds you bought. Although, I'm not sure how much hybridizing there's been in beans and how that could affect your results. But the "fuss" about certain kinds of beans is that they're not available in bulk because there isn't really that large of a commercial market for them.

  55. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I heard a rumor that Tractor Supply stores would no longer be carrying Ferry morse seeds but that they would be carrying BURPEE seeds. ANyone else hear this? ANyone know hy? Were the Ferry Morse seeds bad or somethng?

  56. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I heard a rumor that Tractor SUpply stores would not be carrying Ferry Morse seeds anymore that the account went to BURPEE seeds. ANyone lese hear this or anyone know why/ What were the Ferry Morse seeds defective?

  57. Anonymous8:52 AM

    It is true, Tractor Supply will be carrying Burpee Seeds not Ferry Morse.

    1. Anonymous9:22 PM

      why did they switch to Burpee?

    2. Anonymous9:25 PM

      I also heard that Ferry Morse is going out of business altogether. Does anyone know if this is true or not? I heard they are laying off and collecting company vehicles back?

  58. You want to compare seed packet pictures, I bought a seed packet clearly labeled orange habaneros, the picture on the seed packet was habaneros, the thing growing on the plant that sprouted from that seed...Hungarian wax peppers.



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