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Nasturtium 'Dwarf Cherry Rose'

Nasturtium Dwarf Cherry Rose
I decided to try a new Nasturtium this year in my garden after my failure with 'Mahogany Velvet' that I purchased from Sean Conway Seeds. I was really looking forward to the 'Mahogany Velvet' blooms last year because they were the closest to black I could find. Unfortunately the plants never bloomed while the 'Jewel Mix' grew like gangbusters.

This year I was at Wal-Mart and picked up 'Dwarf Cherry Rose' to give it a try. The pack of seeds was 97 cents which was three times less than what I payed for the 'Mahogany Velvet' seeds last year. The other thing I noticed was that I could pick up the same seeds in the same store under the Ferry-Morse brand for a little more money. That shouldn't come as a surprise to most people but if you turn over the seed packet at the bottom you can see that the seeds sold for 97 cents under the Wal-Mart Gardens brand were manufactured by the Ferry-Morse Seed Co. If you don't do price comparisons when buying seeds just thought I'd point this out.

But I digress. I'm pretty happy with how 'Dwarf Cherry Rose' has been growing and blooming but I've decided I am not crazy about the flowers. They're nice and colorful but they're just not my style. I keep thinking how the frilly petals would look a lot more at home in a cottage garden thats tended to by a lady in a big floral hat with a Maine Coon Cat at her feet.

The blooms look out of place in my garden that's a hodgepodge of colors where plant placement isn't given much thought and it's common to see a weed growing alongside this pretty flower. I probably won't grow this Nasturtium again next year but I'd recommend it to others.

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  1. It's very nice. You seem to have such a huge variety of flowers, I always wonder if you have GIANT gardens or just one of everything. ps Im still waiting on your answer to my question ;)

  2. They are pretty... but I'm with you on the frilliness. 'Empress of India' isn't a rare variety to be sure but I was pretty happy with her last year--the leaves were a nice bluish shade that made me happy.

  3. Gina,


    I have a small garden it is something like 33 feet wide by 15 feet deep. I cram plants in wherever I have some room. It looks rather chaotic which is why I never post full shots.

    And I plan on answering the question probably today since it's too bright out to take pictures I have time to blog.


    I really like 'Empress of India' and was planning on sowing that one in the garden. I don't know why I didn't buy those. And you're right the leaves are a lot more blue green just like with 'Mahogany Velvet' I wondered if anyone had noticed that.

  4. Thats a cracking image Mr Brown Thumb, really well detailed

  5. Hahaha....I can't erase that image, the "big floral hat" and the "maine coon cat", not to mention the gaudy flowers...too funny.

  6. Very pretty photo! I've never tried these, but yours look really nice! :)

  7. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I'm growing one right now



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