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Gardeners Ignored By Blogger On Blog Action Day

If you write about your garden on Blogger you may have noticed below the dashboard that Blogger highlighted a few blogs that were powered by Blogger that participated in Blog Action Day. It didn't escape my attention that there weren't any garden blogs in the list.

I think it is great that so many blogs participated in Blog Action Day and that Blogger posted links to blogs about the environment but, why wasn't a garden blog chosen for the round up? Every day on our gardening sites and blogs is a "Blog Action Day." We write about the environment, plants, insects and animals, composting, recycling etc. Here on this blog I wrote a short entry on Responsible Gardening where I touched on the responsibility to the Earth that I, as a gardener, have. But I wasn't the only gardening blog that participated in Blog Action Day there were a few others. So I present a list of gardeners that should have been highlighted for Blog Action Day.

McGregor's Daughter- Wrote about the destruction of prairie land and the efforts to restore native plants and habitat.

My Skinny Garden- Gina wrote about the reasons and how she's been progressively going green in Suburban Chicago.

Sweet Home and Garden Chicago- Carolyn wrote about how she's been trying to make Walgreens a more responsible neighbor by putting their feet to the fire and making them accountable for the landscaping in her neighborhood store.

Strangely Brightly- Wrote about how some of the green zealots can perhaps turn people off to the idea of being green.

Blooming Writer- Jodi wrote about the origins of the organic practices in her own garden.

Garden Punks- (that name kills me) Katie wrote about how she's been trying to lower her carbon footprint by reducing the amount of electricity she uses.

Black Swamp Girl- Kim wrote about how she's turning trash into treasure in her garden by using some industrial shelves that were destined for the dumpster.

Growing A Garden in Davis- Leslie wrote about the importance of teaching kids green practices and what part they play in the environment.

Iowa Garden 101-Beverly wrote about the way she's been living green for years now.

Outside Clyde- Christopher took the day to readers a photo tour of native plants and flowers on a North Carolina mountain top.

The Green Fingered Photographer-Mark wrote about the environmental impact burban sprawl will have in his town in the UK.

Weeder's Digest- (I just got the pun) Dirty Knees wrote about the benefit of using fallen leaves from deciduous trees in the garden.

It is rare that a garden blog is chosen by Blogger for any kind of mention. Garden blogs rarely get any love from Blogger. Even on the day that we're suppose to be celebrating our love of nature and desire to save the planet our dirty knees and grimy finger nails just aren't fashionable enough to be part of a round up or a "blog of note."
I compiled this list of gardeners that write on Blogger that frequently comment here. If I missed you or you aren't powered by Blogger feel free to leave your link in the comment to expand this list of B.A.D participants.

1. Click the title of your post on Blog Action Day copy the link from your browser.

2. When you comment choose "other" and put your name where it says "name" and where it says "website" put the link to the post on your gardening blog about Blog Action Day.


A direct link will make it easy for any potential visitors who want to read your entry to do so without having to pass through your blogger profile or skim past older posts to get to it. I'll add a couple of links to blogs I didn't include in this entry because they weren't powered by Blogger. I'll be adding this post to my sidebar later.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Sara-Wrote about the sustainable agriculture practices that farmers in the EU abide by.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Heather-Wrote about the steps she's taking to live greener by doing things like composting and recycling.

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    That is kind of disappointing, isn't it, Mr Brown Thumb?

    I stuck to the garden for my post.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    [I hope this link thing works!]

  4. Thanks for the link. And yes, that is the first thing I noticed when I logged into Blogger today, but I guess that's to be expected since we're already living by these principles....


  5. Hey Annie,

    Looks like it worked. I left a comment on your blog. I love the historical angle you used in the first half of the post. I was almost, almost, disappointed to see the "modern" photos.


    You're welcome.

    You know one time they added a garden writer to their "blogs of note" but shortly thereafter he jumped ship to a WordPress blog.


  6. I am sorry so many wonderful gardening blogs were ignored. I had started to write about sustainable agriculture and the importance of buying locally to lower our carbon footprint ... glad I didn't waste my time.

    Kudos to you MBT for honoring your fellow gardeners :)

  7. My blog post on Blog Action Day was all about slowing down:

    Thanks Mr. BT!

    Robin (Bumblebee)

  8. How good of you to do that, Mr. Brown Thumb. I noticed that Blogger ignored gardening blogs too, and found it passing curious, but then I scarcely pay any attention to anything news-related where Blogger is concerned, and just do my happy thing.
    I'm still reading posts from Monday, and you've uncovered a few new ones for me to check out. Thank you for that!

  9. Thanks, MBT, for posting on this. I noticed the same thing. Is there a way we can let them know our feelings on this ? I think the post you wrote is an excellent start and should be sent to the organizers of that event.

  10. Well said, and I heartily agree. I was away on vacation during Blog Action day, but have enjoyed the posts from other gardeners.

  11. nice round up, if i do say so myself! thanks for including me. it's a shame they didn't highlight a greater variety of blogs, but that's why i read blogs and not blogger's blog!

  12. I didn't notice Blogger's omission. Maybe they think we're all just preaching to the choir.

  13. Anonymous3:19 AM

    What a great idea, Mr Brown Thumb :-)

    My post was very simple. I wanted to highlight the importance of the bee :-D

  14. Hello everyone.

    Hope you enjoyed reading what other gardeners were posting about on Blog Action Day.


    There isn't really anything we can do or say about it. Maybe if gardeners become regular fixtures at all the official Google blogs they may get someone's attention.

  15. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Benjamin included a bit from his environmental memoir on gardening with his mom as a kid (but this section was about first encountering geese in the new land of MN, where the garden would eventually begin).

  16. Me's my post. Thank you for doing this!

  17. Well, that wasn't fair.

    I ran into plenty of excellent gardener blogs that participated!

    Kudos to you for participating in blog action day.

    I did not participate. However, I wrote a belated post of my own about an environmental issue that might strike a cord with some of your readers. Please share it with them:


    You can find it at:

    Anything that you can do to help promote awareness of this issue will be greatly appreciated. Normally, I don't ask for this kind of help, but the issue is that important to me.

    Thank you!

  18. I was very late in making a post about my thoughts on the environment, but you can find it here:

  19. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I wrote about compost on my composting blog. No surprise there. :)

    Blog Action Day Post

  20. Hi MBT,

    After you posted about us being ignored I wrote to Graham at Blogger. I don't know if it had anything to do with it or not but they've listed Bloomingwriter ( Jodi ) in Blogs of Note .

  21. Carolyn,

    That's pretty funny. I noticed that last night when I left a comment on her blog. LOL. I wonder if your e-mail had anything to do it with it.



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