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Pink And White Cypress Vine

There isn't much blooming in my garden right now but my 'Cypress Vine' is still going strong. In the garden this year I planted this flowering vine in two spots where it could climb and flower and provide a little bit of privacy. If you've been here before you may already have seen the red  'Cypress Vine' flower on this gardening blog, but the pink and white flowers have just started to put on their display. Ipomoea quamoclit is the botanical name for 'Cypress Vine.' The more common name is often also assigned, incorrectly, to 'Cardinal Climber.' 

Pink And White Cypress Vine flowers, Ipomoea quamoclit, Cypress Vine Cardinal Vine, Urban Garden

These 'Cypress Vine' seeds were sold as a mix and I was worried I hadn't saved any seeds from the pink and white vines last year. The red 'Cypress Vine' is easier to come across than the pink or white 'Cypress Vine' seeds separated. I'll make sure to save seeds from the pink and white blooms because I didn't see the mix available for sale this year.

This climbing vine is an excellent source of nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. Unfortunately in my garden I've never seen a hummingbird and the vines started to really bloom after the last of the butterflies had been spotted in my garden. If you're planning on growing this make sure to keep after the seeds because 'Cypress Vine' has escaped cultivation and grows wild throughout a lot of the eastern United States. From my reading it isn't causing too much concern in colder climates, but is a plant that can become a nuisance in warmer climates.

If you're looking to buy 'Cypress Vine' seeds on-line the Park Seed Company has them for sale. I purchased my seed mix two years back at Target under the Sean Conway label in the garden section. You can also find the red flowering 'Cypress Vine' seeds easily for trade on GardenWeb. If you're looking to collect seeds for the first time read the previous post: When I Collect Cypress Vine Seeds.  'Cypress Vine' is also regularly mistaken for 'Cardinal Climber' vine but they are two different plants.


  1. That white one is pretty in the photo but I've never seen a white flowered cypress vine in real life.

    Mr Brown Thumb, I've grown the red one for years and it does pop up, but doesn't seem to overshadow anything. The hummingbirds do love it - I don't do feeders, just plant things they like.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. MBT - I saw this in my Park Seed catalog and thought it looked really pretty. I'm always so excited when I see that somebody is actually growing something I've wanted to try.

  3. I never have grown these. MR. BrownThumb, you are a wealth of information.

  4. I grew both the red and the white cypress vines - the red did much better. I was surprised to see that they didn't succumb to frost quite as quickly as the morning glories did.

    The pink is pretty ... I think I'll scout that out for next year.

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    These flowers are lovely. They look like folded pieces of paper. Origami flowers as the shapes are so perfect. sara from farmingfriends

  6. Very pretty! I grew the red one a few years ago, but for lack of space had to plant it in front of my honeysuckle and let it grow onto that. I will have to give it another try with it's own space. I like how the pink and white forms show up more brightly against the foliage.

  7. The red flowered one is very common around here. I have seen the white one a few times and never seen the pink one. I think I will try a package of mixed ones next year. Thanks.

  8. Like Annie in Austin, I've never seen white cypress vine before. Only the red. And ruby throated hummingbirds do like it!

  9. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Never heard of cypress vine before - the flowers look charming.

  10. thats pretty flowers... We dont have that but still wanting to grow.

  11. The leaves on this vine are quite unusual. I've not seen this vine before, but from the photo, it looks lovely.

  12. Hi Mr. GT!
    I just love cypress vine. I had a wonderful big one at the old house, but so far, not here. I think you've inspired me to reintroduce it in the spring. I thought of you last week... I know that's got you thinking! I was cleaning out a bed and underneath the rubble, low and behold, was the amaryllis (still in the pot) that I meant to transplant and didn't get around to. Two beautiful green leaves poking through. Then I thought of your amaryllis post. Isn't gardening just a plain ole miracle?? Anyway, I'm back in Blogville and will post on my front yard adventures next week. Come see!

  13. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you all get a chance to grow the pink or white one in your own gardens. They sure do make good conversation pieces.


    Glad to see you're back on your blog. I was begining to worry about you. :)



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